Monday, October 27, 2008

Life is a game of golf!

Last week I posted on a few 'heavy' issues and, as one reader observed, I had significantly fewer comments than normal (like... none!). It would appear that people tend to shy away from what they consider controversial subjects. I on the other hand, have a tendency to 'meddle.' This week won't be much different as I have a few things that are weighing heavily on my heart. However, before I begin to meddle, I figured I'd soften you up with a fun post of our golf outing yesterday. After church Sola and I and some friends of ours headed out to a par-3 golf course to play a quick 9-holes.

Now you need to know that when the word handicap is applied to golf, in my case it is a double entendre. It is absolutely true to say that I'm 'handicapped' when it comes to teeing off. My handicap is the fact that I cannot use my 'long' clubs if my life depended on it. In the past, everytime we go to a regular golf course It takes me two shots to match most people's tee shot. My saving grace is that I tend to be pretty average from 150-yds, in to the pin. I've actually been known to sulk and quit halfway through the course when I become frustrated with my game, so that the people with me tended not to have any fun either. Discovering the par-3 course was a 'God-send' since I never have to use anything longer than a six-iron. I have a ton more fun and actually look like a half-decent player since nobody knows about my 'handicap,' and a par-3 course won't reveal it.

I love the lesson in that story: You shouldn't bite off more than you can chew! There's absolutely no shame in playing a par-3 course over a regular golf course. I'm not a pro, neither do I earn money playing golf. The only reason that I play golf is because I really enjoy it (I suck at it, but I really enjoy it). This means that I need to find a place that optimizes my skills. It's kind of like serving and pastoring people. It can often become too much of a challenge unless you find a purpose that optimizes your gifts. Only then will you 'shine.' Amazingly enough, only then will you really begin to enjoy what you do, and only then will the 'company' you're with begin to enjoy being with you. We had so much fun yesterday, Sola wants to go back again. In case that doesn't mean anything to you, she actually says on our church website that the thing that would surprise her family the most was if she took up golf. Hmmmm, I wonder....


Ash said...

oh, well, maybe you're handicap b/c you realize golf just doesn't meet the standard for "sport." i mean, it's easier to put your heart and soul into something, american football, or even basketball- but golf? well, personally, i just stay close to putt putt! wink

(glad you two had fun)