Monday, October 20, 2008

Enough already!!!

The presidential elections are approaching really fast, and quite a few people I've spoken to are still waiting for a viable option to emerge out of the fracas of indelicately aimed jabs and personal insults. While the US is contending with who will establish foreign policy and fix the economy (among various other major issues) over the next four years, the rest of the world is working hard to ensure that their economies don't collapse. Meanwhile the world of radical Islam is busily plotting their next attack against our "evil" western lifestyle, since the attention of the world is focused on other, shall we say, more delicate issues! Wars, famine, violence, wildfires, among numerous other disasters continue to plague our world. And the Church? Well the church is... well, being the Church!!!

We could be taking advantage of this financially debilitating season to serve the poor. We could be reaching out to the lost, the hurting, and the next generation with the good news of the Gospel. We could be preaching purity and a return to Godliness for our nation, yet we are about as insular and out of touch with reality as we've ever been. Many Christians are busy campaigning not just for Palin (you'd think she was running for president), but against Obama. Why, recently I received a 'forward' in my inbox that 'traced' Obama's ties to the Middle East and potentially to terrorism. Having 'established' that damning tie to terrorism, the question was delicately raised (and left unanswered), "Where is all his campaign financing coming from?" What??? What country do you live in? Have you somehow missed all the people who have vocally aired their support for "Change?" To listen to many Christians, you'd think God was voting for McCain and against Obama.

I have news for all the Republican and Democrat Christians: God isn't voting for either of your candidates! He already cast His vote over 2000 years ago, and He isn't changing His mind. His Candidate is unequivocally Jesus!!! If we would let Him be seen in the earth through us (the Church), then we probably wouldn't have to worry about campaigning against abortion or homosexuality, or gay marriages, since our commitment to love and serve hurting people would go much further in helping them find healing, than our empty rhetoric does. Yeah, you'll probably accuse me of standing on a soapbox, and if you did you'd be right. I think it's time that we took responsibility for the ills of our nation. Last time I read the Scriptures, 2 Chronicles 7:14 still reads:
If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

I'm not quite done yet but I think I'll take a break to cool off and come back tomorrow. See you tomorrow same time same place. :)


Ash said...

"We could be taking advantage of this financially debilitating season to serve the poor"---Here here...oh wait, I think it might be "hear hear?"

Hope said...

Joseph, you've just won an honest blog award on my post for Wednesday.

Joseph said...

Ash, that's funny! I'll go with the "hear, hear" version.

Thanks Hope. Just keepin' it real!!!