Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Liberalism/ Radical Islam Roulette???

Partisan politics is all the rage right now, with the average black man lining up behind Obama and the average white man lining up behind McCain (or is it Palin?). Whatever the case, we are discovering that we are a united nation only with regard to our geographical borders, as we are completely polarized when it comes to agreeing on what's in the best interest of our internationally beleaguered nation. It seems impossible for us to truly determine who would be the best president for our nation at this juncture of the pivotal political and economic quagmire we find ourselves in. This clearly means that we will vote for whomever we identify with the most, as far as our world view goes. If the truth be told though, when all is said and done, our interests will take a back seat to the interests of lobbyists, big-money investors and other special interest groups that really pull the strings of the candidates. I know, I know, I'm beginning to sound like one of those conspiracy theorists.

At the end of the day I must go with my conscience and do whatever I believe will ultimately serve our nation best. I recognize that sometimes things must get worse before they get better (trust me; I know this from first-hand experience). I am intrigued though, by how the rest of the world views what is going on in American politics, and how they think it will affect the global economic and political tensions that are threatening to strangle many nations. A friend sent me a series of political cartoons from Australia so I thought it would be good to share some of them with you today and tomorrow. Whatever your thoughts are about partisan politics, I'm under no illusions that there is not one true American who won't be concerned if this cartoon turns out to be a political prophecy.

This is why I'm convinced that our only choice, certainly if you profess Christianity as your world view, is to trust Him completely, knowing that as long as you follow Him, you are headed in the right direction no matter what the circumstances seem to say to the contrary. See you tomorrow.