Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dying to Live!

I'm taking a break from my 'Presidential Quotes' today to post a video that a friend of mine shot while he was in Sudan this past September. While it tugs at the heartstrings and begs for sympathy, the more overarching idea here is that we all get involved. If just a couple of people who read this blog regularly were to join up with Make Way Ministries and support the efforts in Sudan, then we would have had an impact beyond just sympathetic cries of indignation. Jesus said that whatever we do to the least of these, we've done it to Him. I urge you to take the five and a half minutes it will take to watch this video and then do something about it. The website address is at the end of the video. God bless your day today, and no matter how hard you have it, remember that there are people a lot worse off than you are, and Jesus died for them too!


Ash said...

sad. touching.

Gapper said...

Very sad,so many people fighting to stay alive!-to keep their children alive! I find it even sadder that while these people fight for food to keep their babies alive-here is SD we have to fight to make it ILLEGAL to KILL our babies!