Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A kingdom divided (Part 1 of 2)

Is it just me or does it appear that everywhere you turn people are touting these elections as the most important elections of our lives? Funny thing is, they said the same thing about the last elections. I’m not sure that I’m in a position to make an accurate judgment one way or another (especially since I wasn’t eligible to vote at the last elections). This much I do know though, there are numerous Christian ‘camps’ prophesying and praying 'their' candidate into office in order that the will of God may prevail in our nation. There are thirteen candidates listed on the ballot, running for President, in addition to a fourteenth fill-in-the-blank spot to write in the name of your preferred candidate incase they’re not listed. Whose prayer does God respond to? Is it the fervent prayer of the Right Wing Republican, or the heartfelt pleas of the Christian Democrat? Or is it the prayers of the idealist who is neither Republican nor Democrat?

Some say the war is the most important issue for the next president to tackle, citing the obvious spiritual implications of a Jihad waged against the West. They suggest that the real war is not against a lascivious Western lifestyle, as purported by Radical Islam, but against the very tenets of Christianity itself. Others say the economy is foremost on their's and God’s hearts, since people are suffering and starving, and daily losing their jobs and their homes. Still others suggest that God’s greatest priority is the judicial system. They carefully explain how the next President will be responsible for appointing at least two (and possibly five) Supreme Court Justices during his tenure. The Courts, they suggest, literally hold the power of life and death in this country. And what do the candidates themselves say is most important? Well that depends on which group they’re speaking to at the moment. Quite frankly, their political rhetoric has become otiose, and that fact is reflected in the way the candidates resort to personal attacks and insults over substantive discussions.

I’ve heard prophecies from the believable to bordering on ludicrous. I’ve heard people suggest that 44 (Sarah Palin’s age) is a significant number. She will be the 44th Vice President of the USA, they inform us. They go as far as to tell us that it was “…decreed she will enter the White House.” Why, they even assure us that she will be President one day. Others have dubbed Obama the messiah, and herald his coming with cries of “Change we can believe in!” Prayer vigils are being held around the clock, not necessarily asking for God’s will to be done, but asking that their particular candidate be voted into office. In all of their voluble political posturing, very few of them actually believe that their desire may well be different from God’ purpose. No one seems to remember the fact that the Scriptures say “The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He will.” (Proverbs 21:1 ESV) Whatever else they may believe, according to this verse, God is able to ‘manipulate’ the heart of whichever ‘king’ sits on the ‘throne’ of the USA regardless of what we might think.

Come back tomorrow for the concluding part of this series


Jaime said...

I'm excited to read part 2! I've felt somewhat alone in this election, mostly because I don't fit in even with close friends convictions about what we need to vote AGAINST. Isn't it about something so much bigger. Thanks for speaking my thoughts in a much more eloquent and well thought-out manner. :)

Mary Jo Pierce said...

So much of what we "hear" passed around the internet with the presumed authority of "he said ~ she said" without verification. Emails where respected leaders have had to write corrections etc. Truth ... where do we go for truth. Pulpit? Media? Blogs? Websites? Prayer Chair!

Jason said...

Great post!Do you think that God would give us someone that we want instead of who He knows is best for right now?I also wonder how people are so dependant on the federal government.Hopefully with the same intensity the people will hold them accountable once they vote them in.

~*Lisa*~ said...

I agree this is a great post! Our Pastor said a couple of Sunday's ago that God has done it before given the nation's what they want. He did the Israelites when they wanted a king! Look how that turned out! 1 Samuel 7-8
Thank you for being so real!

Joseph said...

Jamie, there's always a remnant! Thanks for joining the conversation.

Mary Jo, well said. The 'secret place' is where we must go for lasting answers. There is a price to pay.

Jason, the history of Israel's kings is a history of what the people wanted rather than what God wanted for them. You get the 'king' you deserve, and not always the king you need. Let's wait and see how this ultimately plays out. Whatever the case, God will be glorified.

Lisa, thank you for your kind words. I concur with your thoughts. Let's continue to speak truth without compromise.