Saturday, October 25, 2008

Frivolous Friday!

Frivolous Friday is a little late this weekend as I'm posting it on Saturday morning. But, hey, what do you have to complain about now that it's here? Now you can just sit back and enjoy a good ol' belly laugh. Today I'm going across the "Pond" to 'jolly' old England. Passing a drivers test in the UK is akin to graduating college. People have been known to take and fail the test double digit number of times before they are finally issued a license. Why, some people get their license in their fifties! (you should know that yours truly passed it on the first try). Their network of roads and road signs will make it obvious why driving in the UK is not for the faint of heart.

My concern is that there are still tourists from the 1980's lost in this perpetual blackhole of roundabouts. Can you imagine being caught at roundabout #3 as you attempt to make your way to Oxford? I can picture the conversation with the people whose house you're trying to get to: "No we're at the roundabout. You know, that one that leads to Oxford..."This is probably the easiest-to-read road sign you'll ever come across in the UK. It was put there on purpose so as to give you a break from working so hard trying to read all the other signs. "Where did you say you were going again? Oh, it's that way!!!"

Even the British know how confusing their road signs and roundabouts can be, so they apologize in advance. Enjoy your weekend, and if you're going to be in the UK anytime soon, I suggest you take a drivers ed course to prepare yourself for the adventure. Also pack enough supplies to last a week, incase you get stuck in the 'vortex' of a perpetual roundabout. Alternatively you can up your medical insurance and make sure that it includes psychiatric care abroad!