Monday, October 13, 2008

Consumer Christians

Sometime last year Craig Groeschel posted a blog on more missional and less consumeristic Christianity. I've been thinking a lot about that lately, especially in light of our obviously divided views on presidential politics (I recently wrote a series of blogs about this also). We seem to "shop" for a church in much the same way we shop for a president. What is closest to my particular leaning? Which one plays the sort of music that I like? Which one has a more exciting plan to titilate my ears every Sunday? See what I mean? Even you weren't sure if I was talking about presidential politics or church!!!

Seriously though, the idea that we attend church for what we can get as opposed to what we can give, is a totally asinine idea. We really should be the ones leading the charge to encourage people to find a church where their gifts can best be utilized to serve the community. The Church that will have the greatest impact on our culture will be the Church that:
  • Is sick of living in material comfort while millions starve to death
  • Believes in the power of prayer and fasting
  • Is willing to endure hardship for the cause of Christ
  • Is passionate about missions both locally and internationally
  • Makes money so that they can give money rather than consume it on themselves
  • Sees it as their role to introduce people to Jesus
  • Sees it as a primary calling to serve the lost, the hurting and the next generation.

Sadly, I am persuaded that we won't come to this place until we as Christians, have suffered tremendous pain and hardship in the 'wilderness' experience. This seems to me to be the time when our attention is more focused on God and less on our accomplishments or abilities. Or like Greg Surratt put it, "In God's relentless pursuit of us, He uses 'no fish' moments to lead us to "But because you say so" obedience. It's time to seek the face of God like never before for the future of our nation.


Anonymous said...

Joseph, I wanted to let you know that I read your blog regularly. I enjoy it. I love the way you make me think about things. Thank you for that.

I also love your engrish days too.

Joseph said...

Theresa, thanks for your kind comments. I appreciate the fact that you find inspiration from what I write. We'll keep the "Engrish" days coming. :)

Hope said...

In your nation and mine! Today is election day in Canada - I'm praying for God's choice (funny, I think we've both got our eye on the same candidate). You're right however about church shoppers and church hoppers. It's not about getting but giving and seeking to know as much about Him through a real relationship with Him and those He loves.