Friday, October 31, 2008

Frivolous Friday!

I'm posting four 'irresistible' photo's for frivolous Friday today. After a week of thought provoking issues, I thought you could use some levity. Enjoy.
And by golly we're going to enforce it. Don't you think for a moment, we're gonna let you use this bus stop just because you want to. I'm personally okay with the rule, except I just have one question: Do you want me to pay the fine before or after I'm dead from electrocution because I touched the wires???Here we go again! Your typical divided city council, with each faction wanting their voice to be heard. So what do you really want us to do? Should we stop or shouldn't we?

I am honored to have found this photo, and you should be honored to be seeing it. Why? Don't you realize you're looking at a photo from before the name "banana" was invented? Have a phenomenal weekend!!!


~*Lisa*~ said...

ha ha ha! I think I may go in search of some great Frivolous Friday picture for my blog! I founds some political cartoons that I posted earlier! I hope you have a great weekend! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

It was good to hear from you the other day, we need to get together and catch up. I liked the yellow curved fruit picture, but I don’t think they named JUMBO POP microwave popcorn before they named the Banana. Who gets the job of naming fruit anyway?

Joseph said...

Lisa, just do it!!!

Pach, you know it's debatable which was named first. I'd like to know who gets to name fruit also. I have a few names I'd like to suggest myself!!! :)
P.S. Greet Arissa for us will you.

Hope Clark said...

Ha ha, Too funny... sounds like a translation of some village dialect that refers to things with adjectives instead of names. You know, like "Hello large African man... have you seen my small human walking around anywhere?"

ST said...

Hope, you speak yoruba too?