Friday, February 1, 2008

To splurge or not to splurge... might be the question!

Okay, everyone quiet down please. I am about to make a bold prediction... drum roll please... THE PATRIOTS ARE GOING TO WIN THE SUPERBOWL!!! So how deflating was that? I build up all this hype only to state the obvious? Well, if the press can do it why can't I? Enough already, Please. We are going to watch the game. We even pledge to watch the commercials during the game (at least the ones without wardrobe malfunctions). You don't have to sell us on watching the Superbowl and on what a great game it's going to be. If the Patriots play at their highest potential, it really won't be that great of a game. We're watching it because we know it's potentially epochal. It will rewrite football history, and place the Pats in a league of their own (sorry '72 Dolphins).

So here's an open letter to all you 'nice' people of the press. Save your tired rhetoric, and your well-worn speculations for Sunday. Until then, let's talk about something other than Tom Brady's "boot," his perpetual shoulder injury, Plaxico's prediction that 17 points is all that the Patriots will score, and all the other media hype that is threatening to bury us along with all the political jerrymandering that's going on at the moment. Can you do that for a brother? As for me, with my new commitment to simplifying my life in 2008, I'm trying to decide between splurging on Johnsonville brats or going with the conservative generic store brand for my game day meal. What are you doing Superbowl Sunday?


Ms Harkins said...

During Superbowl I am taking kids to carnaval ball at the local beach club... Marianna will be dressed up like Wonder Woman and Lorenzzo like Spiderman.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll be watching the superbowl on my BIG TV. (maybe all three of them..!) And I suspect that you and Sola will be decked out in your Patriots outfits while you watch as well.(which you may want to post a picture of with the game in the background on the TV so we know it's real.)

By the way, you forgot to mention that this could be the begining of several more visits to the superbowl for the Pats. :-) Unless by chance, John Elway were to come out of retirement! :-)

Joseph said...

Sounds like you Brazilians will be having more than enough fun without the interference of a little "pigskin." I hope your kids have a great time.

I just might be making a phone call to John Elway regarding the Broncos.

Scott Williams said...

I zm throwing down a crab boil and just chillin at the house, no friends, just family and watching what i hope to be a good game at least.

I do look forward to bootgate, and 17point gate to unfold during the game.

Joseph said...

Scott, send some love my way with the "crab boil" thing. I admit, I couldn't bare the thought of brats other than Johnsonville's cooking on my grille so I went all the way.

We will see how "bootgate" and "17pointgate" unfold.

Russ said...

I almost forgot that we will be splurging on humble pie. The mainstay of any good New England Patriots fan.


Joseph said...

Have a Johnsonville Brat along with that humble pie. Go Pats!!!

Joey said...

Quick Joseph! Re-write the blog!