Thursday, February 7, 2008

Elections and Ice cream

As an extremely interested observer of the political quagmire that threatens to overwhelm our elections, I am anxious to see who emerges as the nominees of both the Republican and the Democratic parties. My interest goes far beyond that of an observer as these are the first elections in which I will be eligible to vote. It will be my first election as a citizen of the good old US of A. Sadly, it is an election in which I strongly favor no particular candidate. Like my Father (God) I am neither Republican nor Democrat, but would certainly favor a candidate who espouses my values and understands the fundamental challenges that face our country.

Unlike the apparent voting trend in the primaries seems to suggest, the economy is not my main concern. The reckless and indiscriminate flaunting of our declining moral values bodes a more foreboding future than the current exchange rate of the Dollar. "Great Britain" as she was once known, is a shining example of what becomes of a nation that sinks into the abyss of moral decrepitude. She has simply become a nation where people seem to 'live to work and work to live'. In the UK, life is expensive, hard, and hardly comfortable. In many senses they still live in the 19th century. In fact, a good friend of mine refers to the UK as an "Overbearing, overpriced little Island of people who still believe that they rule the world." My primary concern is that, since only 4% of the present generation of children under 16 are being introduced to an intimate relationship with God, the next generation of leaders will more than likely lack any real moral compass.

I am concerned that we think the "seperation of Church and State" is a mandate from God and therefore willingly do nothing as laws are enacted that adversely affect the freedom of Christian expression. I am concerned that we fail to realize that, in a changing and increasingly hostile world, our way of life speaks a message of hypocrisy to those whom we would lead. Materialism and the accumulation of personal wealth seem to be our all consuming pursuit, while the rest of the world looks on in wonder at our excesses. I'm reminded of Rob Bell's Nooma video in which he reminded us that the amount of money it would take to provide a meal for every starving person on the planet is the equivalent of what Americans spend on ice cream in a year. So, while you're enjoying your ice cream this year, please spare a thought for the starving children around the world and consider supporting a child with Compassion International. And if that is too much to ask, if you're American, consider voting for someone who will think about more than the economy!


Hope said...

I absolutely love this post, Joseph! You've got my vote, but you'd have to run and I'd have to be American - well, you would have my vote! I'll never look at ice cream the same way again.

Joseph said...


You are too kind! I don't believe I have what it takes to effectively lead a nation of this magnitude, I do however know how to divert money from Ice cream to starving children. :)

Valerie said...

What about Starbucks? Those kids could eat for a year with what we spend there! Ha! You have my vote too--great post PJ!

Joseph said...

Valerie, thanks for your comment. I guess we all just need to "Simplify" our lives so that we can do more for the lost, the hurting and the next generation.