Monday, February 4, 2008

Patriot Games

I probably should talk about the fact that I was so completely wrong in my prediction of the outcome of the Superbowl. I probably should discuss the fact that Plaxico Burress was incorrect when he predicted that the Patriots would score 17 points. (they scored less!) I probably should even discuss coach Bill Belichik walking off the field with one second left on the game clock. I probably should discuss all these things and more... but I won't. As exciting as the Superbowl was, and as wrong as most of us were about the outcome, I have something significantly more exciting to talk about today.

Selah Rachel Clark was born on Friday February 1, 2008 to Hope and Kenneth Clark, who are both part of my Lead Team. She was 7 pounds and 3 ounces for all of you who like such details, and she is the most beautiful baby you've ever seen. You know how, sometimes you go to the hospital to visit with a friend who's just had a baby, and all you can think is, "that is not a good looking baby" but you can never really voice that? Well, that is definetely not the case here because Selah is beautiful and already has a set of lungs like her mother except she doesn't use hers to sing quite yet

There is so much significance to her birth as it relates to The Well. She is the first baby born since the inception of our church. She was born by C-section contrary to her parents desire for a natural birth without medication. Like The Well, it was a difficult labor or incubation period, and the birth certainly didn't go like we expected it to. I believe that she is God's "firstfruit" to us as a portent of what He is about to do at The Well. We are thrilled to welcome Selah to our world so if you know the Clarks, or even if you don't, please give them some love here on the blog so that I can pass it on to them. I'm sure you'll agree that the Patriots games take a distant second to this incredible news, yes?


Aaron said...

beautiful baby!
May you enjoy the blessing of God!

Hope Clark said...

Hey Joseph... I love the phone pics. :) She was actually born on January 31st, Thursday morning at 5:58am. I have some pictures of you praying over her posted on the photo album on my blog. Thank you so much for coming to pray over this wonderful child. :):)We love you!

Joseph said...

Thank you for your kind words.

Gulp! I really should have confirmed the date and time before posting huh? Any way, ce la vie!