Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Well, what do you know???

I have nothing at all profound to share with you today. In fact, I'm hoping that you have something profound to share with me. Yes, you heard me! You see, as I've been reading a number of different books and blogs recently, I realize that the greatest leaders are the ones who have learned how to be vulnerable with the right people. In their book Deadly Viper, Character Assassins, Mike and Jud quote Craig Groeschel as saying, "We also do our best to systematically reward confession. We are deliberately creating a 'confession culture' with our staff. If you confess it then we can help you. If you hide it and we find out, then there are serious consequences."

I'm learning that reinventing the wheel is a painful, thankless and useless process. I can and should learn from other people's... well, shall we just say 'unfruitful choices'? So, I've been paying a lot of attention to the things people say they wish they'd known "back then" that would have helped them avoid some of the pitfalls they fell into. I have a ton of those "If I'd known back then what I know now...." I've even written about some of them here. So here's how I need your help today: Would you share with us at least one thing that you wish you'd known in the past that would have helped you avoid some of the heartache and pain you've had to deal with.

Now you know, if you don't respond to this post I'm up the creek without a paddle, so please respond so that all the wonderful people that read this blog can avoid 'no-paddle-creek'! Thank you kindly.


ST said...

Gosh, where do I start?
1. My mother used to say "define your boundaries early in any relationship, so you don't have the uphill task of re-defining them". At the time, I didn't appreciate that counsel until I grew up and then heard Dr. Phil articulate it as "teach people how to treat you".
2. Not every friend can handle your "stuff."
3. There are relationships for various reasons and seasons. True wisdom is identifying which one is which, appreciating it for the moment and knowing when to let go if need be.
4. No matter how bad your situation may be, someone else would gladly take your place because they are worse off than you. Besides, it will pass - it always does, but while it lasts, watch your tongue!!!

Hope Clark said...

--Honest and loving confrontation is a blessing to both people involved.
--I am not my husband's (or anyone else's) Holy Spirit. Stop trying to be.
--You must decide to believe the Bible before you can begin to understand it.
--You must give honor in order to receive honor.
--Humility is always farther down than you think it is.

Gapper said...

1. That "the church" is not a buliding, but people.
2. To keep an open heart, a shut mouth, and a Thankful attitude.
3.That Jesus is the ONLY ONE you can truly trust your secrets to.

Nike A said...

Hope and I must have lived in the same home because my grandmother said #1 & # 3 also - lol.
- In addition, I was told to let go of bitterness and not stress over the small things.
- My grandmother also told me (in Yoruba language) not to focus on acquiring material things because we didnt bring anything with us and certainly will not take anything. Talk about being content and having financial peace.
- Watch what you say. Words because they are like eggs. Once broken, you cannot scoop them off the floor.
-And of course on a lighter note, I was told to watch what I eat and learn portion control because I will never remain the same size.
Need I say more?
Thanks for making us think.
Hugs and Blessings!

Joseph said...

Wow, I'm certain I'm going to do another blog with all this information. You guys are veritable wellsprings of godly counsel and insight. Thank you so much for sharing.

Hope said...

Seriously, there are lots but none of them would matter if ... I would have known Jesus. When I first was born again (a whole 4.5 years ago) all I could ask myself and others was "why didn't anyone ever tell me this." I got over the sadness and regret but there's always that little, "if I'da known..."

Ash said...

Gosh...a loaded question for me...I have to admit that while I faced pain in my past, looking back? I'm glad I was able to learn some things from it...as a result, I don't necessarily regret it. What did I learn?

One of the most painful times I experienced was after my marriage relationship ended...and sometime after, I moved, and I was alone (not lonely) and God was able to really heal my heart and make me more confident.

I learned that my hopes and dreams for the future were not lost, and could even be improved.

I learned that I deserve love and not hate.

And...I'm still learning...


Joseph said...

Keep them coming guys, this may be inspiration for a new book on "lessons along the way." I love them.

Thea said...

Wow there is loads of wisdom on this comment page! I need a notebook to write it down and refer to it later. Here are a few tidbits I've picked up so far. Ask me in 50 years and my response will be much better :)
- Comparing yourself to others is unwise & generally results in self-centered disappointment or arrogant judgement
- In the end I stand before God alone, so I ought to live my life with that in mind
- It is to a man's glory to overlook an offense
- Learn to love your family as they are instead of wasting time wishing they were different
- If you want to get in shape - DO it now! Some day when your body isn't working so well you will wish you had.
- Don't stop pressing on, dreaming and growing at the level to which you meet the expectations of others - their expectations are often created by limited understanding. Only God knows your fullest potential and if our lives are lived for His glory then there is no stopping point of expectation but a constant pressing on. The best may be yet to come.

Joseph said...

All I can say is, Wooooooow!!! You guys should be contributing to my blog daily. Talk about profound! Thank you all so very much.

Hope Clark said...

Love the comments. :)