Friday, May 16, 2008


It's been quite the week for "thought-full" posts that encouraged us to look a little deeper at some passages of the Bible, and how they relate to our lives and circumstances. In case you were thinking today was going to be a repeat performance... think again! I just got back from my 20-mile (15 today) ride and I'm too exhausted to even engage my brain in heavy thinking, so I figured I'd give you some light-hearted, easy reading for the weekend.

I wanted to give you an update on my visit to the doctor earlier this week. It's official... I have the heart of an ox! The staff at my doctors office kept coming to check me out (under the guise of needing to check on something), compounding my anxiety that something might be wrong. Finally the Doc. came in and informed me that my BP (blood pressure, to the uninitiated) was 104 over 70 and that my pulse was so low, he wondered if I was a professional athlete. All the other "unmentionable" and "humiliating" tests were all good. So, what's the problem with being unable to ride 20-miles if my heart is so strong, you ask? Well, let's just say in the last couple of months my wife has been cooking my favorite meals, and I haven't lost my appetite!!

Speaking about professional athlete, my son's recruiting is going really well also. Today's photo, courtesy of, is a recent one taken at the Nike Camp at UF in Gainesville, FL. He currently has offers from almost ten schools (he has a couple of verbal offers for which he hasn't yet received the official letters), and during his spring season practices, he has had visits from coaches from schools like LSU, Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Kansas and a number of other D-1 programs. He is relishing the attention and we are constantly reminding him that it is purely God's grace and favor, and if he starts getting "too big for his britches" he might find himself on the wrong side of God's favor (God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble). Or, to paint a picture for all you Nigerian readers out there in blogland, in the inimitable words of Rooftop MC's song, God might "Lagimo" :) Have a great weekend.


Hope said...

Congratulations on the results - yours and your sons. :)

Joseph said...

Thanks ever so kindly Hope! :)

Ash said...

Funny you should mention "too big for britches..."

I went to see Prince Caspian tonight- as I'm sure you remember the story, Peter gets a little ahead of himself and takes a lot of "pride" in being called to was AMAZINGLY well done, I'll have to write a lil review on it.

Congrats on your health and your sons offers!

Joseph said...

Ashley, I remember the story well, especially since I saw the movie too. :) Thanks so much for your support and encouragement.