Monday, May 19, 2008

We are not alone

Let's not forget them, shall we? There have been over 150,000 lives lost in the last month as a result of tragic events that struck Myanmar and China. What makes the tragedy in China even harder to bear is the fact that China has a "One-family-one-child" policy. Entire schools were wiped out with not one survivor, thereby eradicating an entire generation of families. Many people don't know where to turn as they look for answers in an attempt to cope with the unimaginable pain they have to contend with.

As Christians, while we may not have the answers, we know, and are well acquainted with the One who does. These tragedies present an unprecedented opportunity for us to give and to pray! This is not the time to be apologetic about prayer, or to suggest that prayer does little to alleviate the pain and suffering. God responds to the cries of a hurting people, so more than ever before, lets raise a clarion call to prayer. And while you're praying... give generously!! As a church we are giving through Save The Children. Having researched a number of organizations that are all doing tremendous work in helping victims and survivors of these tragic events, we settled on Save The Children for a number of reasons which I won't elaborate on here.

The photo in today's post is a photo of a school girl that had both limbs amputated at the site where she was found. She was the only survivor in her school (that has so far been found), but in order to save her life, she had to lose her legs. How often are you and I confronted with choices like that. Please pray and give to help people whose lives are so far removed from your own. After all, Jesus said, "Whatever you do to the least of these, you've done it to me also."