Thursday, May 1, 2008

An irrefutable truth

I'm going to conclude this series of posts on spiritual warfare, today. It is my sincere prayer that, more than anything else that I've written, this series will make a difference in the lives of the readers. I say that because it appears to me as if many of the current generation of Christian leaders have distanced themselves from this irrefutable truth, opting instead to preach exclusively "feel good" messages that highlight God's love for us in the midst of our weakness. While that message is true and essential, it is not the full gospel message. Whether we recognize it or not does not negate the fact that we are embroiled in a spiritual battle, and it is this truth that will empower us to "set the captives free" as the Scriptures command us to do.

Obviously four days of short posts on the subject, in no way exhaustively examines the powerful issues involved in demons and deliverance, and spiritual warfare. However, if it whets your appetite enough to influence you to do your own research and study, then I would have accomplished my purpose. So let me end today's post by sharing a couple of sentences from a conversation between Ted Dekker and John Eldredge at the end of the book, Adam. In response to the question: What is the bottom line on spiritual warfare? here's what they had to say:

JE: The battle is not the point. Evil is not the point. The point is the love story. We live in a love story that is set in the midst of war. When you understand those two things, you will suddenly understand Christianity, and you will understand your own life.

TD: A love story set in the midst of a war. I love that! The bottom line is that spiritual warfare is very real but the enemy is defeated. Our struggle does not end at any minute or hour of the day. It's continually there. Darkness is continually trying to snuff out all light. However darkness cannot stand against the light. Our problem is that we tend to forget that there even is this battle between light and darkness, and so we make no attempt to light the candle in the dark. Without the light, darkness tends to just reign in our lives.

As a pastor involved in helping people walk through personal struggles, I have seen how darkness can ravage unsuspecting people who are simply trying to make it through another day. If you're struggling with "darkness" in your life, it's time for you to recognize that there is an answer that lies outside of your own capabilities. If you would like to learn more about this subject, leave a comment and let me know that you'd like me to send you a copy of my book I'm a christian so how can I have demons?, and I'll be delighted to do so until we run out of books.


Gapper said...

Pastor Joseph, I'll be sure to get out and pick up a copy of the book "Adam", I'll also enjoy reading your book-I'm pretty sure there is a copy at church. My appetite IS whetted for the topic, and now that my husband's home I won't have to worry about sleeping with the light on because I'm scared. Thanks-I look forward to hearing you preach again-hopefully soon!-TK

Joseph said...

gapper, thank you so much for your comments and encouragement. I'm so glad that you've decided to explore this subject in a little more depth. That was what I hoped to accomplish when I set out to write this series of posts. I pray that it helps you help others effectively walk through spiritual darkness into the Light.

Hope said...

Joseph, this book would be so timely. This whole series has been timely. I've been too focused on what's been going on around me and not focused enough on what been growing on inside me. I'd love a copy if you still have some.

Joseph said...

Hope, consider it done. Look for your copy in the mail.

Jessy said...

I am going to grad school for a counseling psychology degree and hope to one day treat the typical "psychopath" like the future Ted Bundy's. He even warned america before he died about how to raise your children and anout porn, inorder to prevent them from becoming on like him.
Do you think your book and the book Adam would help me to better understand those I plan to work with?

Joseph said...

Jessy, without a doubt you would find stuff in both books that will serve to enhance your understanding of this realm of the demonic. If you want a copy of my book just send your mailing address and we'll get a copy off to you. I encourage you to pick up a copy of Adam at Family Christian Stores of somewhere similar.