Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Selah - pause and think about that!

We had our Lead Team meeting on Thursday. I love these meetings! They provide an opportunity for me to 'pour' into my team, as well as an opportunity to just relax and connect with each other. There's always good food, lots of laughs, and a ton of stuff gets done. I feel sorry for you guys who have stuffy, sit-at-the-table, coat-and-tie 'serious' types of meetings (at least I feel sorry for the ones who have to sit in those meetings and listen to you drone on and on and on and... you get the idea). I really enjoy a laid back atmosphere as it tends to engender creativity, honesty and openness. Any way, all of that has little to do with what I wanted to talk about today, I just thought I should rub it in :)

Last Thursday's meeting got me thinking (don't you even dare think anything like saying how thinking for me might be dangerous). In the photo, I'm holding Selah. Selah is Hope and Kenneth's daughter, who are both part of our lead team. Just before the meeting began, I was holding her and rocking her to sleep, nestled quietly in the crook of my arm. It was 'pictureworthy'!!! She looks so peaceful, content and safe in the coocoon of my body, shielding her from all harm. When the Bible says that God holds us close in His everlasting arms, I just wonder if this is the picture it's painting for us. Now if we could only learn to rest instead of struggle, we'd really enjoy the journey. Selah was so content, she fell asleep in my arms, even though she'd been fretting just before I carried her.

So, today's nugget holds no big secret for any of us. It's simply to learn to rest in His arms. If you're wrestling with something that's keeping you awake at nights, or giving you fits during the day; how about imprinting this mental image in your mind so that you remember how big your God is compared to you. Oh, by the way, if the mental image of my face doesn't quite do it for you, then by all means replace the face with one that does, I promise I won't be mad. :)


Gapper said...

Thanks for the reminder! God has often calmed me by giving me the vision of a fallen sparrow sitting on the palm of His hand, and when the sparrow starts to struggle, out of fear,mistrust or doubt He gently covers it with His other hand, keeping it safe from all harm, even from harming itself. That sparrow is me! When I learn to trust Him completely he'll release me and I can fly to his shoulder and perch there to sing a song for Him into His ear. Blessings-TK

Hope said...

Resting in His arms is a life long learning process that gets easier every day (until you hit a snag).
BTW, I would so love to hold a baby in my arms! I'm ready to be a grandma .... so ready, but alas, my sons are not ready to be fathers ... yet!

Gapper said...

Another thing that struck me in your blog-In the sentence starting "In the photo, I'm holding Selah, Selah is Hope" if you just stop there-Selah is Hope-kind of cool huh? Kind of a little prophecy in that statement that you didn't even intend! Our children ARE hope, and we guard our hopes well. Thanks for letting me share-TK

Nike A said...

I needed to hear that. I am learning, truly learning to rest in His arms especially during difficult times. Thanks for your ontime words. I really needed to read that.
Hugs and Blessings!

Joseph said...

Gapper, well said with the sparrow illustration. I also like the 'prophetic' allusion to Selah being hope.

Oh, Oh, Hope. Should we begin to pray? Seeing as you're getting the grandma itch, I wonder if we should begin to pray for your sons to get the father itch. :)

Nike, it's always refreshing when a simple post can be the answer that someone needs in the midst of their own personal storm or crisis. Isn't our God amazing. Love to the fam. and thanks for your always kind words.

Thea said...

I needed that today - thanks for sharing :)

Joseph said...

Thea, you're welcome. Glad to be of service. :)