Wednesday, May 21, 2008

La Familia

Isn't it amazing how some of the most profound epiphanies come out of incongruous moments. I thoroughly enjoyed the responses to my blog post yesterday, and gained significant insight into something that I'd suspected for so long. Are you ready for this profound revelation? Here it is: Family is the most important influence on our lives. There, I've said it. What? No applause at this significant insight? Oh, I get it, you already knew that so I guess it's no big revelation for you. Well, forgive me for being so slow on the uptake but I must admit that, while I've always known this fact, it sometimes eludes the space between my ears.

How important is family in shaping our values and responses to life? Just read some of the statements in response to my post asking the question "what do you wish you'd known back then that you know now, that could have saved you a lot of pain and heartache?"

  • My mother used to say "define your boundaries early in any relationship, so you don't have the uphill task of re-defining them."
  • I am not my husband's (or anyone else's) Holy Spirit. Stop trying to be.
  • My grandmother also told me not to focus on acquiring material things because we didn't bring anything with us (into this life) and certainly won't be taking anything with us when we leave.
  • One of the most painful times I experienced was after my marriage relationship ended... and sometime after, I moved, and I was alone (not lonely) and God was able to really heal my heart and make me more confident.
  • Learn to love your family as they are instead of wasting time wishing they were different.

Notice how this sampling of responses all have to do with one family relationship or another? There you have it. It's scientifically proven after this survey, that family ranks high on the list of things that influence our lives. With that being said, today I'm posting a photo of my family that was taken after church last Sunday. Why am I not in it? Who do you think took the picture? At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Ash said...

Aw...I'm so glad we were able to take part in educating you as you educate us everyday. Fabulous, you're family looks fabulous!

Thea said...'s true, your family hands you the grid through which you see the world and yourself. What an awesome and wonderful responsibility we have as pressure, right?

Nike said...

Could it be that you are not in the picture because someone is almost as tall, if not taller, than you.
Now that is my story and I am totally sticking to it.
Hugs and Blessings!

Joseph said...

Ashley, thanks for your compliment and your help. I'm really proud of my family.

Thea, there really is no pressure once you figure out that you can't do it without HIS help.

Nike, like I said, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!:) Love to your family from ours.

Thea said...

It's a tough thing to just relax in his strength some days - you want to do so much!! I'm glad I have people around me like you guys to learn from who have gone before me...I am really enjoying the ride though :) My babies are wonderful.
PS - still praying for your father in law, Sola & all of you really...haven't forgotten about you all still processing.