Monday, May 12, 2008


I must admit that I'm feeling rather bloated and unhealthy at the moment. I've had a really bad back and neck pain and so I haven't been bike riding for almost two weeks. Wow, the very idea of eating and not exercising is problematic for me but that's where I've lived the last two weeks. Enough already! I have an appointment with my doctor this morning, since, even two visits to my chiropractor last week haven't been able to resolve the problem. I'm telling you all this so you can say a quick prayer for me as you go on through your busy day. How can I pray for you today?


Ms Harkins said...


count on me! Sending you the best vibes from south of Brazil. Hope you are back riding soon!! Otherwise you will have to stop eating :)

Gapper said...

I hope you don't end up in one of those collars (like the picture)! I got to wear one for 3 months, night and day, a couple of summers ago. NOT fun-except when I was shopping! I'd be pushing the cart, people would see me and just automatically move out of the way-I'd never been treated so respectfully before. I also got some interesting looks when driving, (Yes, you can drive while wearing them-but I don't recommend it). I'm praying for you, and I can definately relate! Blessings-TK

Ash said...

Well I will pray the doc appt goes alright and that you can get back to normal.
As for me? Since you asked, I'd love a little prayer just to get through an overnight at work. I didn't sleep well today b/c my own back was giving me problems...frustrating.
Lots of Love-ME

Hope said...

Please pray that my friend Joseph will be healed, in Jesus name. Thanks!

Nike A said...

You are definitely in our prayers and we are standing in agreement with everyone for your complete and total healing.
Please pray for me as I got a call today that my dear aunt who lost her husband about 2 months ago, just lost her college age son this morning. I just got a text message from him on Saturday morning.
Hugs and Blessings!

Joseph said...

Alison, gapper, ash, hope and nike. Your prayers are a strength more than you can imagine. Thank you all so much for your support.

Alison, you're not kidding! I may have to give up food entirely if I can't begin to ride again soon.

Gapper, no neck braces for me thank you.

Ash, you have my prayers.

Hope, you are so dependable! :)

Wow, Nike, we will be praying for your family. Love to everyone.