Tuesday, January 22, 2008

...This is your life

I recently read a post on one of my favorite blogs titled Your Message. I was particularly impressed by the simplicity and candor that the author expressed, as he explained why he would listen to your message. I must admit, if you have no message to deliver, then the post holds little or no relevance to you. Since my entire life is a message, his post got me thinking about my message and my life. His message inspired me to write today's post.

If your life has something valuable to teach me, I want to learn from you.
If you've experienced things that I'm experiencing, you have something to teach me.
The way you live your life, and not how you say you live your life, earns you the right to teach me how to live mine.
If you've made mistakes then you have more to teach me than you realize.
Your life is only one among many that influence my life.
Sometimes, my personal experiences teach me more than your life can.
I despise pretentious and two-faced lives
I admire and identify with lives that reflect some failure in their track record
Your life doesn't have to be perfect for me to learn from it. It just has to be honest.
Your humility is an endearing quality
Who's life are you emulating, who are you learning from?
Don't assume that you know what I'm struggling with.
Your life must bear a measure of relevance to mine for it to matter enough to impact me.
Don't give up on me because you think I don't get it.
Be transparent with me, so I can be vulnerable with you.


Ms Harkins said...

Great post, Joseph. "I admire lives that reflect some failure in their track record" is my favorite. Have a nice day!

Joey said...

We don't learn that in school. Vulnerability and transparency; scary stuff but it's real.

Complete Faith said...

Be Transparent to me, so I can be vulnerable with you...

Wow, that's awesome. Thanks Joseph for sharing this blog with people that may not normaly get a chance to see it.

Joseph said...

Ms. Harkins - I'm glad that line spoke to you. It's very real to me.

Joey - We are in a different sort of school these days huh?

Complete faith - It's my priviledge to have people reading what I write. Thanks for joining the conversation.

Anonymous said...

So I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes WOW! You certainly made my day Thank you

Ms Harkins said...

Is it just my impression or this blog is growing day by day???? So good to see nice people getting together to read your posts!