Monday, January 7, 2008

I think, therefore I AM.... Or are you?

I recently read a blog that inspired me to revisit the title of todays post. Blogging has become some what of a cultural pastime, affording many of us the opportunity to express ourselves, for good or for bad, at the click of a button (okay maybe it takes a little bit more than that). The blog I read simply stated: "I blog therefore I am, isn't that how it goes these days?" As I pondered those words, I realized how true it is to say that there are entire 'blogging communities' that have inspired people to build relationships, and to live life vicariously through each other, simply because the internet provides direct, and apparently unlimited access to the whole world. The psychology behind why we do it isn't my interest in today's post. In fact today's post has little or nothing to do with blogging other than the fact that I was inspired by a blog.

The phrase "Cogito, ergo sum" or "I think, therefore I am" is attributed to a seventeenth century philosopher/ scientest named Rene Descartes. He actually wrote the phrase in latin which was the language of science of the day. Now I'm probably not nearly as smart as Descartes, but I can confidently say that his statement is incomplete. You think, therefore you are what, I ask? There is only one who can lay claim to the title "I Am." When Moses inquired of God concerning what he would say to Pharaoh about who had sent him, God simply said, "Tell him 'I Am' sent you." Now whatever Descartes may have meant by his statement, I am confident that he 'usurped' a title that belongs to God alone.

"I Am" is an emphatic statement of Deity. But I guess when you have created the heavens and the earth, the fish, the birds and all the animals; when you have set the stars in their place and instructed the oceans where to set their boundaries; when you have created man "fearfully and wonderfully" in your image and likeness, you have every right to lay claim to the title "I Am." You would need no further introduction if creation were your handiwork, for creation itself would be sufficient introduction. So, Mr. Descartes, I am taking it upon myself to officially rewrite your statement to read: " Because I Am exists, I exist. I am not I Am."


Hope said...

No doubt - you've said it succinctly!

Scott Williams said...

"Because of I am, I can!"

Thanks for stopping by

Ms Harkins said...

In Portuguese the sentence is more or less like "I think, therefore I exist"...

Kamsin said...

Glad I made you think! There was I just trying to make a clever turn of phrase! I like your rewriting of Descartes statement, had never related God's "name", I am with it before.

Joseph said...

Thanks Hope!

Scott, thanks for your contribution. I enjoy your blog and have been somewhat of a silent observer. Your post on "Pimping your blog" really spoke volumes. You'll "see" me more often.:)

Ms. Harkins, I guess I'm just playing off the phrase "I AM" which is God's self-attributed name in the Old Testament.:)

Kamsin, you're definetely one of my new inspirations.:)