Friday, January 25, 2008

Nauseating nuances

Is it just me or did you notice it too? I mean, did you notice that it's Friday already? Over the next nine days we will be inundated with Superbowl trivia ad naseum. Don't get me wrong I like football. But I like football, not the hype, marketing, and exploitation that surrounds games of this magnitude. I mean, Tom Brady's 'booted' foot and his bouquet of flowers have become the topic of media attention? These people need to get a life (or at least a hot girlfriend like Tom's) so they can focus on more important things.

Why do we live so vicariously through professional athletes? Why do we make the issues of their personal lives our own issues? Why do we think that because we watch them perform on TV we have a right to determine how they live their lives? Tony Romo is being villified for going to Mexico with his girlfriend before the game against the Giants (which Dallas lost). Tom Brady is being suspected of gamesmanship, whatever the heck that means, because he was seen with a 'boot' on his right foot when he went to visit his girlfriend in New York, but was without it when he went out 'partying' later that evening.

I'm sorry... did I somehow give you the impression that I had the answers? Hey, I'm just asking the questions here hoping that maybe you might have the answers. Whatever the case, I'm just looking forward to a good game of football. Personally, while I find the creativity of the Superbowl advertisements intriguing, I am dubious as to the long term value of investing in multi-million dollar ad campaigns that make or break businesses. Also, if any of you have any sort of influence with the half-time entertainment providers, I can certainly live without the half-time "wardrobe malfunctions." Have a great weekend!


Hope said...

Only God knows the thoughts and hearts of man. We assume so much when we put others under a microscope. If only we would put ourselves there as often. When I find myself falling into a place of judgment, I often try and imagine what is really (not seemingly) behind people's actions. And then I tell myself, "Who are you???". Thanks for this post. It's definitely something to meditate on.

Anonymous said...

I personally think they should be talking about Brady taking a play out of his coach's playbook by sportin' the hoodie; oh nevermind Bellichick wears a hooded sweatshirt.... There is a difference.

Boyd Bettis said...


Found your blog through swerve. Looking forward to see more on what your posting.

Boyd Bettis

Joseph said...

Hey Boyd,

I appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog. I hope you find the conversation stimulating or at the very least thought provoking.

Scott Williams said...

Joseph that Comment about the hoodie was actually from me; some reason it said annonymous..

Joseph said...

Thanks for the clarification Scott. I enjoyed your post on Bigisthenewsmall today.