Thursday, January 17, 2008

Goodmorning God...

I was hoping I'd get your attention with the title of my post. I know that a number of you read my post and watched the inspiring video of Charlene Hornsby's testimony about her faith in God through this incredibly difficult season of cancer she's battling. I also suspect that the majority of the people that take the time to visit my blog are Christians. I must admit though, that I fantasize about the number of irreligious people out there who stumble upon, or for whatever reason find themselves reading what I write. It's to those precious people that I write todays post.

Charlene's testimony does not come from her sagacity, or from her committment to attend church every Sunday. It comes from a deep place of intimacy and understanding of who God is. Charlene has settled some core values in her heart. Among other things, she knows that, to live is Christ and to die is gain (Philippians 1: 21); she knows that His plans for her are perfect even when she doesn't understand them (Jeremiah 29: 11). This kind of understanding stems from making it your life's priority to seek God and know Him. The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to communicate with those you love, that share your life and live with you. You cultivate relationships by spending time connecting with those that you're building a life with.

My wife, my kids, and I have made it a habit to say "goodmorning" to each other the first time we see each other at the start of the day. Now don't misunderstand me to be advocating some pedantic approach to living. What I'm talking about here is a genuine desire to connect and establish an intimacy that carries through the day. It's a great habit to cultivate, especially since it gives us an opportunity for further dialog. Making communication with God a priority is what helps us through the darkest seasons of life (such as the one Charlene is going through at the moment). If you've never tried it, I urge you to consider the fact that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by giving it a shot. So, why don't you wake up and say goodmorning to God tomorrow? Take a moment out of your unparallelled busy day and communicate with the One who gave you the opportunity to live that day!


Ms Harkins said...

Great post, great idea! Tomorrow it will be a "good morning God", my first thought will be towards Him.

As to family... here with my kids it is "good morning... I love you". It sure is a beautiful day start.

Ms Harkins said...

Joseph, I posted on my blog a prayer that is very popular among us here. I´ve tried to make a free translation, but am not so sure I did a good job. Could you please take a look and if possible re-arrange, correct or whatever so that it can make sense??? Thanks a lot. PS: you are the only person I know that has both knowledges on the field: language and God.