Thursday, January 24, 2008

Putting life in perspective

Wow! This video was sent to me by one of my Lead Team. Talk about an emotional tug at the heart strings. 13 year old Logan called into a Texas radion station to share what he felt God had shown him through the process of having to "put down" his calf that had broken its back as his dad roped it.

This young man is no doubt wiser than many of us, as he is able to put the proper perspective on his struggles and find the good in them. Sadly, some people that I know would rather whine and complain about their struggles, while potentially missing the vital life lessons that would no doubt move them closer to their destiny.

There's not much left to say except, I hope that we'll take a page out of Logan's book, and use our life obstacles as learning lessons as well as sources of encouragement to others that might be struggling. Have a great day!


Hope said...

Joseph, my friend, nothing like a good morning cry ... and a bit of wisdom to go with it. Thanks for sharing this.