Friday, December 5, 2008

We the people... at least I think we are!

You haven't read from me in a couple of days, but it is for good reason. I've been devouring copious amounts of material (written and video) regarding the troublesome issue of Barack Obama's birth certificate. I watched (or rather listened on youtube) with distate, a purported phone call by a 'bishop' to Obama's grandmother in Kenya, with the shameless intent of 'manipulating' her (through a translator) into affirming that she was present for her grandson's birth in Kenya. The large majority of the conversation was completely unintelligible and even through the translator, it was obvious that Mr. 'bishop' was clueless as to what was actually being said. Another 'bishop' has said he is willing to die to expose Obama's fraud, seeing that he is the "devil incarnate." Sadly, he didn't indicate that he was willing to die to make Jesus known in the earth, but to expose Obama would be a cause worth dying for.

Many Christians are leading the charge in the call for 'justice' against Obama's attempt to 'defraud' our beleaguered nation. youtube, and other internet channels abound with conspiracy theorists having their day in the spotlight as they concoct fantastic tales of how Obama came about his birth certificate. Many of them come across as angry, disgruntled, and slighted 'wack jobs' who are indignant that things haven't gone 'God's' way and so, in the 'spirit' of righteous indignation they are fighting to take back what has been stolen. Overwhelmingly, the prevailing sentiment amongst these conspiracy theorists is that there is a large scale attempt to silence the truth. The federal courts, prosecutors and other notable political leaders are purportedly all in on this conspiracy. Now, for the record let me state categorically that I don't know where Obama was born. He may or may not have been born in Hawaii, but that fact remains to be legally proven or disproven.

Meanwhile, Christians who 'prophesied' that Palin would be the 44th VP of the United States are sitting on the edge of their collective seat, feeding the frenzy of disseminated propaganda with the notion that this is God's way of fulfilling His purpose. Exposing the charlatan for what he is may well re-open the opportunity for McCain and Palin to actually ascend their rightful throne as leaders of the greatest nation in the free-world. Or will it? I am troubled on two levels by this reaction. The fervor and passion that has gone into 'exposing' this 'fraud', the unprecedented 'unity' around a common cause (to see the Democrat who supports abortion not take office), the efforts that have been geared towards fighting this 'evil' impostor, are unrivaled by any effort the Church in America has collectively put towards reaching and serving the lost, the hurting, and the next generation. We have built such a chasm between us and the people we are called to love and serve, that it is debatable as to whether we can 'build a bridge' to span this divide.

Secondly, I am in great fear that we may well be setting ourselves up as the adversaries of God. What if it is true that Obama was born in the USA? How would that affect our testimony? How would it impact our ability to influence and impact the lives of the people we are trying to reach? For that matter, what if it is true that he was born outside of the USA? Has the way we have conducted ourselves as Christians been with the integrity that allows us to still influence people? Is the need to ensure that Obama doesn't make it into the White House worth losing our witness over? I am first a Christian before I am an American, and my responsibility as a Christian requires me to love first and above all else. I am not suggesting that if indeed there is a fraud being perpertrated we shouldn't be doing something about it, but as is typical with us, we are going off on a tangent and answering questions people aren 't asking, while ignoring the ones that they are.

Is it no longer true that there are lawyers who are Christians? Or does our nation no longer provide avenues for litigation against injustice? How does signing petitions and making spurious youtube claims make the truth any clearer? Obama is the "devil incarnate"? Wow! What next? Can we come up with any more creative ways to justify the worlds contention that Christians are known more for what we are against, than for what we stand for? I for one disavow this tactic! This is not the way I fight my battles. Since my battle is not against "flesh and blood" I've found prayer and fasting to be a good place to start. Then, I am persuaded we will find divine insight to approach whatever circumstances we face, with greater wisdom. After all, the Scriptures do say that God does not do anything without first revealing it His servants, the prophets (and this is not an endorsement for hoaxsters and frauds who purport to speak in the name of God while promoting their hateful agendas). I remain prayerfully confident that God's true purpose will prevail.


Ben said...

Excellent post. I agree. We, as a Christian community, seem to be getting better and better at perpetually putting ourselves in the position of "pro-flesh and blood" battles. I see more Christians standing and pointing fingers rather then on their knees and holding their Bibles.
I, too, feel that there are far too many hoaxters and fraudulent prophets and preachers. Unfortunately for them, they will be judged just as harshly as those they attack.

In the end it will be God's will alone that prevails.

Hope said...

People often say "God's will be done," but then when things don't pan out the way they envision God's will they think He's not in control. Remember how He used Ahab? I'm not comparing Obama to Ahab or Nebuchadnezzar but if He's there it's because God allowed it. Submission to authority is a choice but once we make that choice, we should remain submitted and do what we're called to do, in good and adverse situations. We're having troubles with our government here as well. I'm not pretending for a moment to know God's will, but I know He is more powerful than the devil incarnate - whoever that may be. :) Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Great Post Joseph. Thank you for just putting it out there. I am in full agreement.

"I am not suggesting that if indeed there is a fraud being perpertrated we shouldn't be doing something about it, but as is typical with us, we are going off on a tangent and answering questions people aren 't asking, while ignoring the ones that they are."

This statement speaks volumes to me!!!

ST said...

Hear, hear!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately your blog leaves out the people that ARE asking. There is a question of the Constitution being upheld. It should be verified, it should have been sooner.

Joseph said...

Anonymous, I took the liberty of publishing your comment, but I assure you that it will be the last time I do so. If you want to be part of the conversation then don't hide behind an "anonymous" wall. You should be confident enough in your position to 'show' your face. Having said that, I respectfully submit that your response proves my point!