Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sunrise, Sunset...!!!

"Here's what's happening in your world even as we speak." I don't know if they are original to him, but these words were made famous by Willard Scott, the former 'weatherman' on NBC's Today show. Today (no pun intended), I thought I should give you a synopsis of what's really happening in our world (other than the weather) even as we speak.

  • Israel is at war with Hamas (Palestinian extremist terrorists)
  • A new study was published indicating that Teenage virginity pledges are 'ineffective'
  • Foreclosure rates continue to climb as interest rates continue to rise
  • There is a resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan as they take over villages and towns
  • There is mounting tension between Pakistan and India as both countries mobilize forces towards their common border
  • Home values have dropped 18% from October 2007
  • 'Santa' gunman kills 9 people at his ex in-laws Christmas party. Reports are that he had also planned to kill his own mother as well as the attorney who represented his ex-wife
  • Child sex trafficking continues to thrive in Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines
  • Child 'slave' labor is alive and well and making inroads into the USA
  • People continue to die of starvation, malnutrition and disease in Darfur, Sudan

But, in the midst of all this apparent gloom and doom, the best news of the day is that Jesus is still Lord! He still sits on His stately seat of power, investing Himself in the affairs of men. The world may appear to be spiraling out of control as evil appears to triumph, but this is all an illusion. Truth will prevail and good will ultimately triumph over evil. Our part is to fix our eyes squarely on the Author and Finisher of our faith. As the sun sets on 2008, with all its attendant tragedies, I am looking forward with a great sense of anticipation toward the sun rise of 2009. You're welcome to join me!


Gapper said...

I'm in! I'll join you in anticipation of the first sunrise of 2009. But, I'm anticipating the first sunrise (or should it be Sonrise?) of Christ's millenial reign on earth even more! Haste the day Father!

Hope said...

What keeps me going despite the bad news lately is that I know we "win". In fact, He's already won. Happy New Year, friend.

Thea said...

You should read Ezekiel 38 & 39...every time I do I am filled with a sense of pride in the Lord...knowing his power and ultimate control of everything. I want to shout "Go GOD GO!!!" it's both exciting and sobering...we serve an awesome God..truly, unequivocally amazing. 2009 will be a wonderful year - regardless of what the news says.

Joseph said...

I hear you all, and I concur! Have an amazing 2009.