Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One Incredible Journey!

It's truly amazing how quickly time goes by when you're living life to the fullest. The last three years have been an amazing season for my family and I. We've 'fallen' deeper in love with Central Florida and the people we are called to serve. We've, surprisingly, developed somewhat of an aversion to really cold weather, and have practically become Florida natives as we've discovered all the treasures Orlando has to offer. While The Well has been a large part of our lives over the past three years, watching our kids grow, adjust, and then fall in love with this region has given us the greatest joy. My girls are blossoming and thriving as they build new relationships, adapt to new schools and 'spread their wings' as they discover their likes and dislikes.

My daughter Bimi is an avid writer and her skills never cease to amaze me. She writes 10 years beyond her age (she's fifteen), and has such a way with words that she puts her dad's writing skills to shame. She also fancies herself as somewhat of a budding music star and has dreams of living in her blue mansion paid for from all the money she'll make from her recording contracts (it used to be a blue and pink mansion when she was planning on living with her then best friend. Apparently they never accounted for getting married and considering their husband's preferences too). Temi is both the athletic and academic one. She is so book smart that a single B on her report card can send her into a 'tailspin' of misery. She's been invited into the TAG program at her school and she's currently committed to pursuing music and a soccer career.

My son, Demi is in his final few months of high school (I'm still finding that hard to believe) and he has committed to the University of South Florida where he will be playing his college football. Today marks a special day for him in the process of his football evolution as he plays in his final high school football game. He was selected to the Central Florida All-Star game, and is actually going to be one of two starting defensive ends on his team. I am ovewhelmed with memories as I anticipate watching my 'young man' playing in his final high school football game tonight. Sometimes life seems to fly by way too fast, while at other times it appears interminably slow. Whatever the case is with your life, sometimes, if we don't slow down and savor the 'scenery' we might miss out on the best things life has to offer. I am truly thankful to be blessed with such incredible kids, and with the opportunity to watch them chase their dreams. What exciting things are happening in your life?


Anonymous said...

Alright Joseph you have brought tears to my eyes.. I am actually sobbing with joy..
You have such wonderful kids...I love them so much and they are indeed a reflection of what I love about you and my darling sister...
I cannot wait to see Demi whoop them in South Florida>>Now I have a real reason to cheer for that team.
I would love a room in the Blue mansion! (Thank God the pink has been left out)
Now as for Temi's A's that one did not come from your gene, that is from my darling sister..
I still remember your SNOW shoveling
God has been and is really good..
I love you guys!!

Thea said...

We don't have any pink and blue mansion dreams as of yet although I'm sure they aren't far off but we have tackled potty training and sleeping in a "big girl bed" successfully at 27 months! Olivia can count to 15, knows her alphabet and shapes and is a music star of sorts :) Evelyn is crawling and other than that she is perfect in every way! haha. I feel so blessed to have happy and healthy children and a wonderful man to experience life with. :) This was a good reminder of all that is wonderful when you boil it down. Thanks! I agree with Taiwo - now I have a college team to root for...this may spark in me a love for football, my husband will be forever grateful!