Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"No Way, No How, No McCain!"

I refuse to tip my hand as to my position on the presidential elections. However, since we are in the throes of the Democratic Party Convention, I thought I would point out some glaring inconsistencies I've noticed that are at best disingenuous of Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats. While the Democrats accuse McCain of 'dirty' politics, I marvel at the fact that what they are repudiating is an advert that turns the tables on a statement made by Hillary herself regarding Obama's competence to serve as Commander-in Chief. Her very public statement quoted her as claiming that both she and McCain would bring loads of political experience to the office of president, while Obama merely had a speech he gave in 2002. McCain recently used a clip from that speech in an ad drawing attention to the fact that even Obama's fellow Democrats think he lacks the necessary expertise to serve as president during these tenuous times. In response to the ad, Hillary, with as much political rhetoric as she can muster claims, "I'm Hillary Clinton, and I do not approve of that message."

What??? You made the statement in the first place. Where you smoking something when you said it, or are you suggesting that, since you lost the primaries to Obama he has suddenly gained the necessary political experience to serve as president? McCain is simply highlighting a statement you made in an attempt to wrest the nomination for Democratic Party candidate from Obama, and now you're mad about that!?! Furthermore, in her speech yesterday, Clinton highlighted three families that are going through dire straits because they don't have health insurance to take care of their very pressing medical needs, and she blames it on the Bush administrations failed health care policies and agenda. Now that is not only disingenuous, but downright dishonest. To hear her speak, you would think that every American had health insurance while her husband was president, and that you couldn't find any similar stories to the ones she told, during his tenure in the White House. That is political gerrymandering of the highest order. Don't use poor, innocent, suffering people to advance your political agenda. If she'd ended the stories by telling us how she paid for these three families to receive the necessary medical care (I'm sure it would only cost a miniscule percentage of what she spent on her political campaign from her own personal resources), I would have commended her and agreed that those were stories worth telling. As it stands, how are their stories any different from the ones told when Bill Clinton was in the White House, and she had the mandate to turn the health care system around?

Finally, there's the governor of Pennsylvania, an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter, knocking Obama in the press, and when he's confronted with his own statement in an interview with Katie Couric of CBS News, he suggests that the Republicans are putting a spin on it to further their own political agenda. He asserts that they should have listened to the entire speech. Excuse me, but if, hypothetically speaking you call someone 'incompetent,' I'm not sure that anything else you say after that will suddenly change the fact that you've called him incompetent. These are some of the things I hate the most about our presidential elections. It would appear that, for what's at stake, people will say and do anything to get elected to political office regardless of how it compromises their integrity and character. So, Mr Republican Party, we await your own convention to see if you have any more character than the Democrats or if you'll just add the typical political rhetoric that makes us aware that either way we choose, we lose!


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