Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here's Your Sign!!!

You know how I typically post a sign that I've found to be extremely funny, every Friday? Well, I couldn't wait until Friday for this one as I just had to post it immediately. Many of the signs that I post are funny primarily because they didn't set out to be so. Somewhere along the line a 'brain fart' caused them to skip a word or letter, or mistranslate the context of the info they were trying to communicate, which completely altered the meaning of the sign. In today's sign, there was definetely no humor intended, and no mistranslations (though I'm sure the people listed wish there were).

So, we drive to a meeting at a church in a neigborhood called Surulere, and park right in front of this gated community. Evidently the neighborhood association got tired of sending reminders of past-due bills to some delinquent residents, and decided to take more drastic measures. They listed the names, addresses and past-due amounts of all the "chronic debtors" in the homeowners association. What??? What is even more laughable is the fact that a church is one of the listed "chronic debtors." Can you imagine people driving by the gate every Sunday on their way to church and seeing their church name boldly displayed on a sign on the gate. I imagine it's advertising of the worst kind. One thing's for sure, it can't inspire faithful giving at that church.

Funny thing is, apparently as people get caught up on the 'backlog' of their debt, their names are whited out on the sign, but if you look closely enough, you can still read the names under the white paint. How's that for punishing you for your 'crime' of indebtedness. All I can say is: Many of us should be grateful we live in countries where this isn't legal to do (not entirely sure it's legal in Nigeria either, but hey...) Can you imagine your local Publix or Walmart store putting up a large sign of all the 'rubber'checks for the month; names, addresses and amounts included? Or your homeowners association putting up a similar signboard right in front of the club house entrance? I wonder if that would discourage delinquency? Hmmmm, I wonder if...!?!


Anonymous said...

When I was in Bosnia I vaguely remember students being excluded from class for not paying school fees (or their parents not paying more specifically). I don't remember the details exactly, but I do remember the foreign staff be quite uncomfortable by it all!

Ms Harkins said...

Joseph, here in my town there is a private catholic school. One of the rules is that if the parents don't pay the monthly fee, the kid (student) is not allowed to do tests.

Hope you are having a great time there.

Ash said...

wow, that's amazing. but i wonder, how much good is it doing? not to be mean...but i'd be interested to know if it's really motivating the debtors to pay off?

do you remember the story about the women who stole from walmart and instead of jail time, the judge sentenced them to two saturdays to stand in front of the store (8 hrs each) with signs that said, "i stole from walmart"??? that was in the u.s.

kinda funny in a weird sense...

Hope said...

I love the check marks beneath the word "mercy". If that sign isn't motivation I don't know what is.