Saturday, August 16, 2008

Free Children!?!

Didn't anyone tell these folks that baby/children racketeering is illegal? Besides, even if it weren't illegal, with the high cost of living these days, what makes them think that if I purchased two of them I'd want three more for free??? Have a great weekend! :)


Ash said...

bahahahaha....i'm sorry, i shouldn't laugh...but it's just funny and hey, i know a couple families...well, w/ the rate their poppin' 'em gotta wonder if this would be helpful! (really, it's not funny!...ha ha ha)

Anonymous said...

The mind boggles! That's pretty funny!!

Joseph said...

Ashley, you meanie! You laughed. :)

Kamsin, we'll do anything in America these days, so we can pay for gas. :)