Saturday, August 23, 2008

Frivolous Friday!

I know it's Saturday, and I generally never post on the weekend, but I missed Friday's post because I was flying back from Lagos, Nigeria and didn't arrive in Orlando until past 10.00pm. If you'd been awake for 24 straight hours like I had, you wouldn't be in a position to post a blog either. So I'm catching up on 'Frivolous Friday' and posting today's funny signs which essentially leave me scratching my head in wonder.
Evidently you shouldn't drink and make signs either. May be this sign making company should crack open spell check once in a while so that they don't spell DONT'T with a double T.So which is it? Are you always open or are you closed? This kind of uncertainty is certainly bad for business!No, I mean your other right, idiot!!! Well, that's enough idiocy to last me the weekend, so enjoy, and have a great weekend.