Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hey guys, I'm finally in Lagos, Nigeria. It feels like we flew forever, but I'm glad to report that it was an uneventful flight (which really is the only kind of flight you want). I realize that in the last week I've been on three continents and it really is remarkable when you think about how small our world has become as a result of jet travel and of course the internet. Matthew, a young man from The Well, is the reason I'm in Nigeria. He just graduated from high school and will make Nigeria his home for the next couple of months as he explores and experiences life beyond his comfort zone. You see, Matthew is a young, white male who has never left the shores of the USA.

I'm in no doubt that his reward will be commensurate with the risk he's taken to ensure that he learns about life from a totally unfamiliar perspective. If only we could all be as brave as Matthew and take the plunge towards the unfamiliar and potentially risky venture that God has laid out for us, we would no doubt be much better off for it. So, while you enjoy the relative comfort of your 'familiar' place, Matt and I are off to discover all that Nigeria has to offer a young eighteen-year old man that's trying to find himself. A wise man once said: "He who will find his life, must first lose it." Are you still holding tightly onto yours?


Hope said...

Holding on, but my grip has loosened like you wouldn't believe. :)

Joseph said...

Hope, you and me both. Each day sees me loosen my grip a little bit more. :)