Friday, August 29, 2008

Frivolous Friday!

All this political campaigning has made me hungry! Any one else fancy a meal at a good old chinese food place? Oops, I'm sorry, I'm not that hungry, I think I'll pass on chinese food and settle for something with good old beef in it. I suspect that the people who made the "DONT'T drink and drive" sign which I posted last week, are probably the same folks that were contracted to paint this "SOTP" sign. I would strongly suggest that local governments re-open the bidding for new sign making contractors (preferably one's that graduated from kindergarten), as it appears that you get what you pay for. SOTP laughing so hard will you!!!
Evidently, 'Dr. Phil' below, a fine, red-blooded, all-American, is exempt from following his own advice. Last I heard, he was applying for a job at a sign making company! Hey, at least he spelt USA correctly!! At least I think he did. What if his "U" is actually a partially obscured "W"? Have an excellent, extended-weekend of 'vegging' in front of the TV watching college football! Hey, I'm sorry if you don't like college football, but I understand that we can't all be perfect right!?! See you next week!!