Monday, July 21, 2008

So, what are you doing this summer?

I'm moving house!!! I'll be living on a plane the next month or so, as things are shaping up to become incredibly busy over the next few weeks for me. Tomorrow I leave for London, England, where I will be doing some ministry as well as connecting with my extended family. I’ll be back in time to do my laundry and then take off for Guatemala on a mission trip with a few folks from The Well. I am pumped about going to Guatemala since my almost-15-year-old daughter will be accompanying me on the trip. It will be her first mission trip and I am confident that it will dramatically alter the way she views life, for the better.

Shortly after my return from Guatemala I’ll be jumping on another plane and heading out to Lagos, Nigeria for a few days. I’ll be taking a young man with me who will spend the next two or so months serving, learning and growing in ways he never imagined possible. I know, I know, you’re thinking I’ll be completely wiped out by the end of these trips. Just writing about them makes me tired, so I’ll sign off now so I can finish packing, and then get some well deserved rest before the whirlwind begins. Whatever the case, I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to pour into the lives of so many people on three different continents in the space of one month. What are you doing this summer?


Hope said...

Waiting for fall. Waiting for my trip to Greece and Israel in November. Waiting for the humidity to drop. BUT - in the mean time, spending lots of time reading and studying my favourite Book. :) Hope you've got air miles.

Ms Harkins said...


will it be your first time in Central America? How good is your Spanish?

ST said...

What am I doing this summer? Holding down the fort while my globe-trotting husband is riding the winds. But I'm not hatin' - honest! :p