Friday, July 25, 2008

planes, trains and automobiles (okay, just trains)!!!

I'm writing this at the risk of having to take a bus home from Wales, since my brother has threatened me under pains of death not to reveal this story. However, like any good journalist wannabee, I can't pass up a good story. So here goes: I'm currently in Wales visiting with my dad. My brother was kind enough to drive me to Euston station where I was scheduled to catch the 9.00am train for the three and a half hour ride up to Bangor, Wales. With a few minutes left to spare, we decided to board the train together so that I could stow my luggage and find a comfortable seat.

We sat down across from a pleasant gentleman who had no problem inserting himself into our conversation like we were old friends. Knowing the famed punctuality of the British Rail service, at 8.58am, I suggested that my brother begin to make his way off the train. We joked a little bit more with our new 'friend' and then he casually made his way towards the door. Suddenly, without warning, we felt a jerk as the train slowly began to pull forward. My brother suddenly appeared from behind the wall separating the cabin from the exit lobby, with a bewildered look on his face. He'd been too late getting to the door as he courteously made room for others to board. The doors are automatic and seal themselves shut so that 'crazy' Brits don't attempt to jump off a moving train. Try as he might, he couldn't get off the train.

Problem 1: The first stop was Rugby, a distance of 82 miles or 45 minutes. Problem 2: He had only fed the parking meter for 50 minutes. Problem 3: a 45 minute journey two ways, plus wait and transition time amounts to slightly more than 50 minutes. He had to call a friend to head over to Euston station, find the car, and feed the meter, all before the over eager traffic wardens slapped a ticket on the windshield and arranged for a tow. It was a sight for sore eyes to see our new 'friend' enjoying a hearty laugh at my brother's expense. The crowning jewel was watching the ticket collectors face as my brother carefully explained his predicament as the reason for not having a ticket. So what's the spiritual lesson for today? Who cares? It was just a really great laugh. By the way, do you know any one who might be kind enough to pick me up from Euston station tomorrow?


Hope said...

Wish I could help out! Have a great weekend.

ST said...

LO(Very)L!! Wow!!! That was a good one!

BTW, you don't only need a ride from Euston station - you need somewhere to stay 'cos I think the welcome mat's been rolled up at your brother's house! [belly laugh] I love those Thompsons!!

Bimi said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's BRILLIANT!! Aw.....there is no one quite like my Uncle....=)

Nike A said...

Now that is definitely a good story. Not only did I laugh but I retold the story to my family and we all laughed. Thanks for sharing and I do hope you got a ride home from the station.

Joseph said...

Hope, I imagine if you left in good enough time you could get to Euston station before me:)

Babes, He left me standing outside Euston station for over an hour, then proceeded to take me to the gymn and 'spank' my butt. I'm really sore just typing this. Ouch!!!

Bimi, you said it sweetie, there's no one quite like your uncle.

Nike, wish I was there to hear you tell it, I imagine it would be even funnier than my version.