Friday, July 4, 2008

Don't forget to remember!!!

“Today, we celebrate our Independence day….” Those words were forever immortalized in the movie Independence Day released a few years ago. There is something about American patriotism that is incredibly attractive. The respect for the flag, the commitment to fiercely protecting our way of life, and of course the liberty that we so freely enjoy and so often take for granted. But, as I’ve said on more than one previous occasion, it’s so easy to take all of that for granted, and, in the illusion of freedom, find ourselves in bondage to things that we thought would bring us peace, satisfaction and even joy.

Today Americans everywhere celebrate our freedom from the oppressive reigns of tyranny (amongst other things). Today we enjoy family, friends and fireworks, all quintessentially American. But as we celebrate let us not forget to remember! We seem apt to forget too soon. The reason we often find ourselves in the throes of reliving a past harrowing experience, is because we forget what it felt like the first time, as well as what led us down that road. For instance, if you remember what it’s like to be painfully poor, when you find freedom from poverty you become more careful with finances so that you never find yourself back in that place. I'm sure you get the point. So here’s what I’d like you to remember today as you celebrate our Independence Day.

Remember Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. Only a few short weeks ago they tragically lost a daughter and sister in what I’m certain must feel like a recurring nightmare. Words are empty and trite at times like these. I remember his song, Dance with Cinderella, played so often on Christian radio. Little did he know how prophetic it would turn out to be? Today, as they celebrate Independence Day, it won’t be the same as years past. There are myriad families like theirs for whom today won’t be easy to celebrate. Can you spare them a prayer in the midst of your celebration?


Hope said...

Of course, there's always lots of prayer for anyone who needs it. I pray that your family and all my American friends have a wonderful Fourth of Juuuly weekend. :)

Jordan said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, because this is hard for me to believe, but the movie Independence Day premiered 12 years ago!

Joseph said...

Hope, thanks for your kind words. We are having a wonderful 4th of July.

Jordan, I guess it's all a matter of perspective huh? When your my age, you can explain away 12 years as "a few years ago." At your age, it might be explained as more than half your life. :)