Monday, July 7, 2008

Coffee and big cat "poop"

I love The Well! If I wasn't the pastor I'd still go there. I have an amazing team of leaders and support staff and a great congregation. Their creativity makes it so easy for me to pastor effeciently. Yesterday we began our summer series titled See You at the Movies. We watched clips from The Bucket List and found some amazing parallels to our Christian experience. Here are just a few of them

  • Live life to the fullest
  • Things aren't always as they appear
  • Wealth doesn't equate to happiness
  • You can find your life's purpose in the most unusual of circumstances
  • You need people
  • You don't have all the answers
  • A pretentious life may expose you to big cat "poop"

Have you seen The Bucket List? If you have, did you find any parallels with living a strong Christian witness? If you haven't seen it, you might want to put it on your 'bucket list.' There is a little bit of language in it but the overall movie is excellent. What are you doing at your church this summer? P.S. : The movie was a great reminder for me of why I don't drink coffee.


Nike A said...

When I saw The Bucket List, it really made me want to step way out of my comfort zone and go on a roller coaster! Maybe one day....
Hugs and Blessings!

Hope Clark said...

Here's another one... when you're not looking, your "earthly treasures" could be eaten up by furry enemies. (Heh heh)

Or how bout this... Even though you've been chewed, spewed, and brewed, you too can still be worth a million bucks.

(Ha! *Sigh* I slew me... I mean slay me.)

Joseph said...

Nike, you crack me up. Your 'Naija' is showing if you think a roller coaster ride is out of your comfort zone. We have to talk so I can help you compile your bucket list. :)

Hope, if you don't stop now you'll slay all of us. Having said that, I suspect these may show up in a sermon sometime soon. :)

Gapper said...

Hope, You made my whole day!-TK

Jim said...

Next time I am in Florida we will have to ride together. We are thinking about a family trip over thanksgiving.
This kind of stuff inspires me. I have really been loving the Olympic trials and admire the dedication and focus to achieve such heights. May your strength increase as you press on toward the prize.

Joseph said...

Jim, thanks for your comment. Let me know when next your in Florida and we'll arrange a small 32 mile circuit on our bike trail.

Joey said...

I almost went out and bought a bike after watching that one! Careful! You'll get me in trouble! ;0)

Joseph said...

Hey, if it'll make you a better pastor... who knows? :)