Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm resting today! It's been a packed but amazing extended weekend. I spent Thursday and Friday nights in a little village in Wales called Penegroes. It has the most verdant, rolling hills you've ever seen, and looks like it was taken right out of a picture postcard... wait a minute, this is the photograph they put on picture postcards when they're trying to entice you to visit Wales with all of its mystery and exotic history. On Saturday I rode the train for seven hours back to London (no one was 'trapped' on the train this time), where I went directly to the gym with my brother and his buddy. My brother made sure that I paid for blogging about his 'unplanned trip' by putting me through the most rigorous workout routine. I'm still feeling intense pain with every keystroke. I collapsed into bed on Saturday night only to wake up early and leave home at 7.30am for the Sunday services I was preaching at.

Yes, it wasn't a typo, I did say services. I spoke at 4 services yesterday. I spoke at an 8.30am, 10.30am and 12.30am service. Then I did some counseling and then spoke at the 6.00pm service. I got home at about 9.30pm last night, and it was all I could do to get out of my clothes and crawl into bed completely exhausted but totally fulfilled. I love what I do! I love and enjoy the privilege of speaking into people's lives and watching the 'light come on' as something clicks into place for them. I've thoroughly enjoyed this time in the UK. Sadly however, my youngest sister, who lives in Nigeria, flew into the UK today with her two kids and my younger brother's son, but I don't get to see them (though I did get to speak with them on the phone). They are heading straight to Wales while I'm firmly esconced in London as I fly back home tomorrow morning.

I am truly grateful for family. Seeing, and speaking with so many members of my extended family over the last week has really brought into focus what is value to me. I enjoy ministry. I enjoy hanging out with friends. I enjoy traveling. I enjoy getting new clothes, shoes, and other gifts. But I truly cherish family, speaking of which, I can hardly wait to see my wife and kids tomorrow. I wonder if I go to bed early tonight I can make tomorrow come sooner?


Ash said...

glad you had an enjoyable trip. i'm sure sola and the kids are anxious to see you. "tomorrow" is ...well, it's here for you already (i guess time diff.)

Joseph said...

Ashley, nice photo of you (finally :))!! I'm not sure who's more excited, me or them. Yes it is today and I'm getting ready to head off to the airport. Since you're up and about you might as well use the time profitably and say a prayer for me.:)

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time in the UK! I'm totally jealous, but I'll be going there in about 4 weeks time, so I'll just have to hold on till then. I enjoyed your train story btw! I've seen someone do that before now!!

Ash said...

Finally?! Like I don't look ALL the time, in person or pix, thank you very much! Coolness is a constant!

And certainly I will say a prayer. Bed time is almost here! Wink. xo

Hope said...

They say you can't "catch up" on lost sleep but I say it's well worth the effort. :)

Joseph said...

Ashley, I simply meant we finally get to see a photo exposing your pretty face. :)

Hear, hear Hope, it's well worth the effort, even if all I make is a dent in 'lost sleeps' armor. :)