Friday, July 18, 2008

Frivolous Friday!

So, is it just me or does 'frivolous friday' seem to roll around quicker and quicker each week. Okay, maybe it's just me, but I've got to pretend that I don't really look forward to laughing at some of the most ridiculous interpretations of the English language each week, otherwise I might be accused of enjoying other people's confusion (I plead the fifth on this one). Anyway, this weeks signs are courtesy of a Japanese website I discovered through a friend of mine. It's called (yes, I spelt it right)! Enjoy!!

This first picture left me feeling quite 'vulnerable.' I promise, if you squint just right it reads, "Brain location Services." These Japanese folks are the most courteous people you'll ever meet! No wonder they're so technologically advanced. They leave nothing to chance and will ensure that, if you've misplaced yours they'll help you find it.This next one is all about economy of space. If you know anything about Japan, you'll know that they are incredibly innovative when it comes to using space. They build homes on footprints that are 300sf and make them three or four stories, utilizing every inch of space efficiently and effectively. Well, the same applies to Japanese advertising. Since the car is so small, they figured that to fit the phrase "I feel like a Coke" on the door of the car would have required a bigger door. Using their famed ingenuity, they cut the phrase short and saved the cost of a bigger door!Finally, in the unlikely event that you find yourself in Japan with your mother on Mother's Day, and you're wondering where in tarnation to take her for a 'slap-up-meal,' then look no further. You've found the place: Mom's Mustache. Watch out now, you don't want to fall off that chair laughing so hard! Have a great weekend.


Hope said...

Thanks for the laugh Joseph! Great weekend to your and yours. Be blessed beyond measure. :)