Thursday, December 27, 2007

South Africa or bust!

I thought I'd share this image with you today. There is no clearer universal language than a language that is spoken by all races. Football (or soccer as it is called in countries that don't know any better :)) is a universal game. More people on the planet play or watch football than any other sport. In 2010, in an unprecedented display of incredibly rich and diverse culture, South Africa will host the World Cup for the first time on the African continent. This is an honor not only for South Africa, but for the entire continent.

The logo for the largest sporting event in the world was recently unveiled at the FIFA preliminary rounds selection event. In case you didn't notice, the man's head and neck are in the shape of the African continent. This event is not only the greatest sporting event ever, but it also provides a platform for the building of potentially life-long relationships. Why is this news worthy? Well, if you know anything at all about African and world history, you'd know that only a few short years ago, South Africa was ostracized from the world community because of her practice of apartheid. Nelson Mandela (former South African president after the dismantling of apartheid) was incarcerated for almost 40 years because of his vocal and active objection to this evil system of governance.

For South Africa to be hosting the world in a competition that demonstrates the dissolution of any kind of racial barriers, is not only epic and historic, but undoubtedly proof that mankind is redeemable no matter how low we sink. I for one am thrilled that the continent of my birth will host such a major global event. Anyone interested in going to South Africa in 2010?


Hope Clark said...

I'm there!! I agree...what a miracle. What a demonstration of reconciliation and acceptance, for those who have eyes to see.

Joseph said...

As the Good Book says, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear. He who has eyes to see, let him see." SA here we come!!!

Ms Harkins said...

As a great fan of soccer I am already looking forward the next world soccer cup... And the other one in 2014 here in Brazil :) It is an event that brings many nations together and it is a sport that has no prejudice (it is definitely not an ELITE sport).

Anonymous said...

Football is indeed a universal game, bringing together people of all races, creed and culture.
I am looking forward to South Africe 2010 finally the continent gets a chance to showcase some of its talents and hospitality.

Joseph said...

Hey Usman, welcome to the discussion. It's great to have you engaging with us. Have a great New Year!