Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Reflections on the Seven Dwarves

"Grumpy" is one of the fabled seven dwarves of Snow White fame. You run into him at the stores quite a bit during this season. A friend told me how he successfully paid a little under $6.00 for a 14 pound turkey the other day simply because he was behind Grumpy in the check out line.

Grumpy, as it turns out, comes in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and even genders (like many of the gifts out there during this season). This time, Grumpy was an extremely impatient and irritated lady who couldn't wait to give the cashier a piece of her mind about how long it had taken her to check out (as if it was the poor cashiers fault that everyone and his uncle had decided to shop and check out at the same time). The turkey she was buying happened to be the same brand of turkey my friend was buying, and it rang up at a whopping $0.78 a pound, which meant that, for a 14 pound turkey she would have paid $10.92. After she had taken her grumpy disposition and the cloud that hung over her head, out of the store, my friend smiled sympathetically at the cashier and complimented her patience. The cashier took one look at my friends disposition and realized that he was "Happy" (another one of Snow Whites dwarves), so she said, "I heard that these turkeys were selling for $0.40 a pound across town, so can I give it to you for that price?"

Well, my friend, while he may look like "Dopey" (yet another one of the erstwhile Dwarf clan) was certainly not "Bashful" (yes, you guessed it, he's another one of our friendly dwarves) and so, recognizing that that price was nothing to "Sneeze(y)" at, he readily agreed to the 'instant savings' and ended up paying $5.60 for his 14 pound turkey. Now, he did tell me that he and his wife consumed the turkey all by themselves, which, as you can imagine would have brought on a comatose state and made them quite "Sleepy" (this is getting ridiculous). I just hope they wouldn't have needed to see a "Doc" (Thank God this is the last one) after consuming a 14 pound turkey between the two of them.

So the real moral of the Snow White story is: If you have to go shopping for food this Christmas, and there's a long line of people at the checkout, try and get in line behind Grumpy and save your self a ton of money by switching to Geico... I mean... Ah, who knows what I mean? It's too early in the day to think that deeply. Hope you have a "Happy" day Brows


joey said...

Wow! I will never read Snow White again in the same light... This is Laini's favorite princess, by the way. LOL

Hope Clark said...

That is too funny! Now we're just missing the Wicked Witch and Price Charming! :) I think the cashier was Snow White... she was always smiling at Happy. It really is amazing to see all the "Grumpy" folks come out this time of year. It becomes quite obvious very quickly who is thinking about the reason for this season and who is thinking about what an AWFUL pain it is to have to stand in line an extra few minutes.
P.S. And yes, we ate it all!!!

Joseph said...


Anthing I can do to help reshape your thinking will be my pleasure:)


I'd come up with another fairy tale blog that would include Prince Charming and the wicked witch, but somehow I don't think most people can stomach another one of these posts. Now that I think of it though, I might really enjoy an application of Rapunzel or Little Red Riding Hood. What do you think?;)

Hope said...

Thanks for revealing an entirely new perspective on The Seven Dwarfs. I was Sleepy and now I'm Happy. :)