Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Bourne 'Shopping' Ultimatum

I went shopping yesterday! Yes. I said it. The dreaded "S" word. You need to know that I hate shopping. I don't like looking for a parking spot about 2 miles from the front door. I don't like feeling guilty about not having any change to put in the 'kettles' of the poor souls sitting for hours on end outside the store entrances, raising support for charities. Most of all I don't like having to wrestle with the rest of the 'mob' vying for a spot at the check out counter. So I pulled a Jason Bourne... I snuck in under the radar. I arrived at the store when most normal humans are at work or at school, hoping that I'd have the store to myself. I did. It was just me and a few thousand others.

'Hating' shopping the way I do, why did I do it you ask? I did it because I had to. I have my last lead team meeting of the year today, and I had to get a few gifts for my leaders to demonstrate my appreciation for all that they do. When I was done shopping, it occurred to me that what I was giving them cost significantly more than what I paid for in cash. Braving the sea of humanity, risking life and limb (okay, maybe I exaggerate slightly), getting in my morning exercise simply by walking to and from the car to the store (considering where I parked), all have to count for something right? But it really is worth it. I have a great team of leaders who make my job and my life infinitely easier. So for them, I went shopping :)

While I was at it, I decided to buy a copy of the newly released Bourne Ultimatum. Having watched it for the second time last night, I am reinvigorated and ready to brave the 'evil' world of shopping yet again. Why? Duh, cos I still have to shop for gifts for my wife and kids for Christmas. Gulp! Are you done with your shopping?


Hope said...

I can relate. It might sound strange coming from a woman, but you'd be surprised at how many women I know who also hate to shop! Both my sons (God bless their hearts) have requested gift certificates to future shop. That will take about 20 minutes of driving there and back and 5 minutes at the checkout. Than I'm done. Love it!

Hope Clark said...

Ha! Knowing you as I do...I realize how much that really cost you! :) But you know, I'm not surprised. You have demonstrated sacrifice like no one I've ever seen. It paves the way for those who think it can't be done!

Joseph said...

I want your life right now!!!:)

You are so amazingly gracious. You conveniently leave out the fact that you have been right there alongside of me making the same sacrifices.

Keith said...

Pastor Joseph hope you are doing well. I was just thinking of you while I was eating some fresh deer jerky and found your blog. hope the family is well.

be blessed
Keith from lighthouse in AL

Joseph said...


It's great to hear from you. We are well and I trust you are too. Blessings and best wishes for Christmas.

Ms Harkins said...

I personally dont like to go shopping for Christmas. I think it is a too consumist/commercial aspect of Christmas, but once I have 3 kids there is NO WAY out :) And let me tell you the list is looooong!

Joseph said...

You have my sympathy Ms. Harkins. I know all about long shopping lists.