Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Happy birthday, we are saying we love you…

Some people are born and simply pass through our world. Our world is no better for their entrance or their exit, and the only proof that they came, is an epitaph on a weed infested grave somewhere. Then there are those who pass through our world and our world remembers their contribution, for good or for bad: An Abraham Lincoln or a Winston Churchill. A Jeffrey Dahmer or an Adolph Hitler. Then there are the uncommon few who not only pass through our world, but who shape it by their convictions, their character, their commitment and their courage. These are people who leave the world a better place than they found it. People like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. readily spring to mind. We should all aspire to be such people.

Then there is the ONE! The One whose birth was foretold. The One, at whose demise creation groaned in protest, and for whom the heavens wept torrents of driving rain. The One who created and shaped our world with a spoken word. The One who said, “Let there be…” and there was. The One who chose to subject Himself to His creation and suffer the shame and ignominy of the cross. The One who said, “I have loved you with an everlasting love…” Today, on this wonderful December day, we celebrate You and we say:

“Happy birthday Jesus, we are saying we love you…”