Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm writing this from my hotel room in Birmingham, AL. I flew in today for a couple of pivotal meetings that will help determine a number of major decisions that need to be made. I am spending time praying today! I'm persuaded that prayer is what changes the course of human history and orchestrates the plans and purposes of God for whole nations. I admit that I am ambitious. I desire to see whole nations impacted with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This does not occur without significant resistance and so I am praying! I'm praying that God's wisdom will be made manifest. I'm praying that the "arm of flesh" will fail and only the will of God will be done. I'm praying that the city to which I've been called will experience an awakening the likes of which have never been recorded in her history. I'm praying that our nation will be ignited with a 'fire' that will set her on course to her world changing destiny. I'm praying that His purpose is accomplished in and through me no matter the personal cost. Will you join me and pray too? Our nation could use a few more 'battle-hardened warriors' to fight in the spirit realm where the battle is won or lost.


Joey said...

So am I Joseph! So am I! I'm meeting with another potential member of my team next week!

Hope Clark said...

I'm praying!

ST said...

Mark me present on the praying roll!