Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Anti-war voices!!! (Part 3 of 4)

Yesterday we concluded with the idea that there are certain things we should be doing as Christians in the midst of a culture-transforming spiritual war. Today I want to flesh out that idea a little more as we examine some things that we shouldn't be doing. One of the issues I find hard to stomach in the midst of our polarized march to the White House, is the obvious and ungodly manipulation by some Christians to ensure that we vote a certain way in these presidential elections. Now don’t go confusing me with some pacifist who wants peace at any cost, and who is too milquetoast to take a stand for God’s truth. The problem is that sometimes we confuse men’s ‘noble’ desires as being God’s truth. Take a ‘prophecy’ I recently received via e-mail as an example (I am posting a very truncated version of the prophecy since it was quite long):

“For each one who makes a choice with a vote to support the murder of the innocent in the womb… for each one who casts a vote in favor of one who will legislate rebellion against My commanded order for the covenant between a man and a woman… for each one of these violations and for others against My holiness… legislating against the life and the truth I have entrusted to you… a great opportunity for destruction will now come. Each person who votes for the prosperity of abortion death, will open a great door into his home, into his life, and into his family for the spirit of Death to enter in freely. Death will come in many forms, and it will not be turned back from those who made a covenant of acceptance with it, through their vote…. This Election will be like no other election to this day. My patience has been expended concerning this matter. This is an election of Life and Death; affecting not only nations, but also individuals who have claimed to know Me within those nations. Choose this day who is your authority. Choose this day whose word is truth. By your vote you will declare it. By your vote, either I will protect you, or I will step back to allow that which you have chosen to defend with your freedom and vote, to come upon you. Truly I say to you, choose Life!”

Note: Nothing in the above ‘prophecy’ has been altered from the version I received. The emboldened and italicized words or phrases were emboldened and italicized on the e-mail I received. If I wanted to be divisive I would simply remove the words death and life and insert the names of Obama and McCain as necessary since it’s patently obvious whom the author is speaking about. If our modern day prophets held themselves to the same Biblical standards as prophets of old, they would probably be less likely to prophesy without a 100% certainty that it was God’s word to His people. In the Old Testament, as a prophet you only got the chance to be wrong once, because false prophets were stoned to death.

One commenter, on a blog with a similarly worded prophecy said this,
“So have I now become an infidel, anathema maranatha and apostate because of this?” [Voting the opposite way from the 'seemingly prevalent' Christian sentiment]
Note: words in parenthesis are mine.

He went on to say this,
“We have had 8 years of motive and opportunity to deal with abortion. Or Sudan. Nothing really to show for it besides a couple of brand, spanking new Supreme Court justices. Or is it implicit in their views that the Republican Party should rule forever and begin the biblical millennial reign right away...? What stellar “Christian” credentials has McCain espoused that make him “The one who is to come”? Bush was marketable as an ex-alcoholic who found the Lord and was delivered….Or is it American conservative theology of politics that the party platform sanctifies the candidate? If that is the case, the path to heaven is not the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world, but the elephant that takes away the sins of the nominee!”

We'll pick up this thought tomorrow as we conclude this four-part series. In the meantime, what are your sentiments the morning after?


Anonymous said...

The way religion and politics are mixed in the US is a constant mystery to me. Weird how in the UK where we don't have separation of church and state we don't (often) get this kind of talk. Although having said that I do remember nearly walking out of a prayer meeting when someone prophesied the coming doom to be brought about by greater ties with the EU. But I digress.
But yeah, I don't know what to make of it really!
Btw, it was just after lunch when the news broke about Obama. One of my students told me as I passed him in the corridor. I do not know a single person here eligible to vote or otherwise who wasn't supporting Obama.

Ash said...

my sentiments follow what i said in my blog this morning....despite whether or not you voted for the man or weather or not you agree w/ him...or like him...he's not the president and i think we should all respect that, just as mccain did...among others. america is finally getting w/ the program and i'm at LEAST proud that there is a man in office who comes from black american, white american, christian and muslim decent. he is a diverse person, controversial and as a people- we should be proud. "anything is possible" in this great country....

Joseph said...

Kamsin, thanks for your thoughts on the subject.

Ashley, I'm going to assume that you meant to say "He's the president" and not "He's not the president." :)

Ash said...

yes, thanks

Hope Clark said...

..."If that's the case, the path to heaven is not the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world, but the elephant that takes away the sins of the nominee!"

Priceless! Just priceless. :)