Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A moment in time, or is it eternity?

War can be a really funny thing! One of the irony's of war is that we fight and kill so that we can live peaceful lives. Our world is so different from the one I was born into less than 50 years ago, and at any point in time on our planet, there are over 30 wars being waged. Yet in the midst of this wanton destruction, life goes on. This is Thanksgiving week in the USA. It 's a time when we celebrate the fact that we are thankful that we live in such a great nation. Truly though, we've lost sight of whom we should be thankful to. Ultimately, every nation, tribe, and people owes its well being to the Sovereign Creator. Many nations have fallen into anarchy, genocide and complete extinction because they became 'masters' of their own destiny.

This week we must remind ourselves that it is the grace of a loving God that sustains our nation even when our future hangs in balance. Our destiny does not lie in the hands of Wall Street, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Hollywood or any other zip code of repute. It lies squarely in the hands of a just and loving God. Our thanks must be first to Him. And while we're at it, we must remember the ones who actively lay their lives on the line daily to ensure that we have the freedom to return thanks to a loving God in whatever way we choose to. Today I'm further reminded of the irony of war. These photos depict the softness of innocence in the midst of the harsh realities of a debilitating war to protect what we believe is the most equitable way of life for humanity. If you were captioning these photos, what would your captions read?


Anonymous said...

I don't think that I could write a caption for these pictures.

Both look Homesick.

The soldier with the kitty looks like a young boy for that single momment.

The man with the child just looks shell shocked. Almost like he is saying why?

Anonymous said...

Both could be captioned simply:
"tender warrior".

From the kitty's and child's perspective:
[thought bubble] "here I am safe." (-;)

I can't imagine it having escaped your eyes, but in the off chance it has, this is one of the most riveting pictures of OIE. It wraps both hands around your heart and squeezes: "Little Girl"

Here's the story--that again defines the hearts of our heroes (& the heartlessness of our enemies)-- behind it. from the incomparable photog and indie journalist, Michael Yon (who's our reliable eyes, ears & sometimes BOOTS on the ground in the WOT).
In the 3+ years it's been circulating, I've not been able to look at it and not at least choke up, and emotionally feel, virtually smell & hear that moment & the days following captured.

Before I learned about the soldier himself, from his body language, I'd determined he HAD to be a daddy himself. Sure enough his wife in an article shared of his hugely tender heart, and as a daddy of 2 or 3 (?).

Thanks for paying rightly deserved (Thanksgiving) tribute to our Heroes.
forgot my google info. Posting @ anonymous (member of New Life Church in Co Springs (~;))

Joseph said...

Anonymous, thanks for your kind words. I have indeed seen that photo and in fact, was contemplating using that one on my blog but realized it had been circulated quite a bit. What I had not seen however, was the link you attached telling the story. I am gutted and deeply saddened to hear that she didn't live. It breaks my heart and I will do anything within my power to make this a forefront issue on the heart of the Church.