Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another Frivolous Friday on Saturday!

??? Um, is it just me and my low level education, or is there something inately wrong with this sign below? I mean, I understand the concept of a drive-thru to be a no-parking, no-waiting service right? I don't know, maybe McDonalds is just way too far advanced for me, so I think I'll just stick to eating real food (and parking in parking spots at dine-in restaurants)

Hmmmm! Please understand that it's nothing personal, and that I've thought long and hard about this but, much as I don't want to insult your judge, 'cos I'm sure he's a really nice fellow and all that, I think I'd rather see your village thank you very much! Now if you'd just post the darn speed limit then at least I'd know what speed to go to avoid the judge!!

I guess we're not in Kansas anymore! Don't you just love how indigenous these great United States are? There's no way you're mistakenly wondering if you're in Florida, California or Hawaii when you come across this sign. By the way, check out the rack on that moose. Woo hoo!!!