Thursday, April 10, 2008

What if...?

Recently I've been pondering the idea of "What if...?" There are so many "what ifs" that could have changed the course of human history for good or for bad. For example; What would humanity look like today if Jesus had chosen not to die on the cross? What if I had chosen not to eat that last piece of bread? (this decision could have altered human history?!) What if I committed to enduring pain beyond the limit of my perceived endurance and served people selflessly? What if I denied myself something I really wanted and instead gave the money towards a worthy cause? What if I believed that God's word was unequivocally and irrevocably true?

There are myriad "what ifs" that would no doubt change the face of our world each day if only we would committ ourselves to looking beyond only the fulfillment of our own dreams. I recently read something a friend of mine wrote in which he stated, "Get involved in the dreams of others and God will see to it that others (the right others) get involved in your dreams.... Connect yourself with a church that exists to help make God's dream for people come true." Wow! How noble is that? I am convinced that there's a little bit of Moses in each of us if we would only be willing to look "foolish" in the eyes of other people. Moses led the nation of Israel to the mouth of the desert having trekked an uncomfortable, complaint filled, sand-in-your-sandals, parched-mouth journey, only to be instructed by God to head right back in the direction they had just come from.

Most people would have quit at that point. What if Moses had quit? The people of Israel would have been overrun by the Egyptians or may have died from thirst in the desert. But God's plan all along was to bring them by way of the Red Sea so He could dispense with their enemies once and for all. I'm not sure if there are any "what ifs" rolling around your head right now regarding God's purpose and promises to you. If there are, may I suggest that you consign them to the scrap heap of irrelevance, and hold firmly to What He has shown you. What if God's promises to you were true and...?


Hope said...

I think investing in someone else's dream is a great thing. When we're in a pit, we always seem to focus on getting out instead of helping others not to fall in. Harder to do than to say but then again, that's why we have a Helper.

Joseph said...

Hope, you are so right. What if we all focused on doing his perfect will?

Ash said...

Giving me something to think about...asking "What if God's promises were true?" means taking a risk- and one worth taking

Joseph said...

Right on Ashley. If there is ever a risk worth taking, it's relying on God's promises.