Monday, April 14, 2008

Subway anyone???

Okay, I apologize for posting so late today, but if you read yesterday's blog you'll know that we headed out to Birmingham, AL today for the ARC conference. We left Orlando at O'dark thirty (4.30am) in a fifteen passenger van hauling 9 near catatonic people and a sleeping infant, heading for Birmingham. We finally arrived at around 1.30pm Central Time after having traveled for ten hours. I will begin posting highlights of the conference beginning tomorrow morning, but today I wanted to share a couple of photos with you that highlight the thrills of the trip up to Birmingham (at least from my perspective).

One of the photos shows a cross section of the van taken from the front seat (don't worry, I was in the front passenger seat and not the drivers seat). This photo was taken after breakfast at 7.00am so they all looked alive and well. I have kept the photos taken of the crew with their mouths hanging open and drool dripping down their chins, as a bargaining chip for some things that I've been wanting to get them to do. You can expect to see those lovely photos posted if I don't get my way (wink, wink!!) The other photo is priceless (I'm thinking of entering it in the Del Sol photo competition so I can win some money for our summer vacation. It's a photo of the restroom at one of our stops. It's obviously the men's restroom judging from the urinal but women were waiting in line to use it also since the women's bathroom was "Out of order."

Notice the poster on the wall. You have to credit Subway for trying so hard, right? I mean, when's the last time you stood in front of a urinal (guys) doing your business and saw a photo of a delicious Subway sandwich and thought to yourself, "Mmmmm, I could really use a juicy, meaty sandwich right now, I'm so glad Subway was kind enough to remind my tummy that I can go directly to their shop from here?" Besides this, it was a pretty uneventful trip if you don't count the number of bathroom breaks 9 people need to take at different points in the journey. Enough said. Now all you silent lurkers... names shall be witheld to protect the guilty... Nike A of Atlanta take note, please post your responses as I share the conference highlights during the week. Enjoy your Subway sandwiches everyone and see you tomorrow.


Thea said...

Those are the trip good "family" memories are made of!! Hope you all have a great time :)

Adam said...

I remember those days fondly. Have fun guys I hope God stirs up new revelations for each of you and for the Well. I miss my Well familia we should defiantly make time to hang out.

Joseph said...

Thea, these trips are the things you sit around the table and talk about many years from now. Thanks for your kind sentiments.

Adam, thanks for joining the conversation. We are having an amazing time and are soaking it all in. By the way, I ran into your brother Gabe at the conference.

Nike A said...

Silent lurker? Nah- not me! Okay - I admit I do read the blog every day and keep up with EVERYTHING that is going on. The subway poster is hilarious especially to me an avid subway fan - me! I must confess I love the $3.99 deals plus the low fat options. I am yet to have a dramatic change to my body dimensions as the Subway guy - Jared, but I am still hopeful. Thank you for helping me find my voice. Hugs and blessings!

Joseph said...

Nike, welcome to the land of the living. I'm glad to have helped you "find your voice" that's what I do for a living. :)