Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Film Student's Vision of ADAM on a $100 dollar budget

Admittedly, this video doesn't really do justice to the story at all, but with a $100.00 budget, it certainly attempts to capture the idea that the subject is dealing with a phenomena outside the realm of the ordinary. The premise of the story is that a recognized FBI behavioral psychologist, who has essentially written the book on profiling, unwittingly enters a world that takes him by complete surprise. What is worse is the fact that it is a world he doesn't believe exists. Like most people today, Daniel (the primary character in the story) has ridiculed and in fact written bestselling treatises attempting to debunk the validity of a spirit realm and a belief in God, Satan and demons. He finds himself embroiled in a darkness that is palpable and for the first time in his life he experiences a terror that is beyond a humanly induced fear.

Dekker skillfully weaves in stories of demonic possession that are taken from case files of real live events (albeit with his own added twists), which leave you on the edge of your seat. Many times you have to remind yourself to take a breathe. The story begins with the kidnapping and subsequent abuse (physically, emotionally and spiritually) of Alex and Jessica Price. This begins the long descent into darkness for Alex as he unsucsessfully battles with demons that are ravaging his mind and influencing a behavioral pattern that is completely outside the realms of normal. Alex's story mirrors stories of real people like Ted Bundy and David Berkowitz (dubbed the Son of Sam killer), infamous serial killers that blamed their lust for blood on demonic entities that gave them specific instructions. Again, many laughed at and ridiculed the "preposterous" idea that "voices" could have influenced their decisions, however, those who are versed in the Scriptures are not so quick to dismiss these claims.

So here are todays truths:

  • Demonic possession is alive and well in our world today (Matthew 8:28-34)
  • Spiritual forces play a large part in our daily lives whether we realize it or not (Ephesians 6:12)
  • What you give your heart and mind to will exert control over you (Proverbs 23:74:20-27)
  • There will always be skeptics about spiritual power (Matthew 12:22-28)

Tomorrow we'll explore some of these truths a little deeper. What do you believe about demonic possession?


Hope said...

DUDE! I got shivers all over my body watching that. Oh, I believe. If you believe in Heaven and God how can you not believe in hell and Satan. I've never been possessed but truly ...before going through deliverance and chopping off some soul ties, I was having out of body experiences that scared some mature Christians out of their wits. I had only been born again for months! Oh, I believe.

Thea said...

I love the bulleted list with scriptures attached - I haven't brought myself to hit play since hope has shivers haha...my mommy mind doesn't feel adventurous enough..well, maybe I do :)

Thea said...

ok...I'm hooked...I'll be back tomorrow - that's pretty good for $100

Joseph said...

Hope, the book is even more descriptive (it's a must read).

Thea, you're tougher than you care to admit. It'll be even more exciting tomorrow. :)

Ash said...

alright: i'm intrigued. of course i was always a face of peretti. but i'm curious....i just recently saw the movie "fallen" w/ denzel washington. have you seen it?? if so, i'm interested in your thoughts....since the concept seems similar (even though there are liberties and a work of fiction).

Joseph said...

Ash, I have seen the movie fallen, and just as you surmised, it's a pretty good depiction of the unseen spiritual battle raging in the heavens even though there are some artistic licenses taken.

Hope Clark said...

Ok, I'm so looking forward to reading this book--and to your posts about it. :)