Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stuff they forgot to teach us in school!

If you've followed my blogging journey over the last year or so you'll probably be aware of many of the transitions and lessons I'm learning along the way in this journey of life. The last couple of weeks have been particulary packed full of "journey lessons" and so I wanted to highlight just a few of them as I begin the long trip back home today (I'll be arriving Orlando at 10.47pm EST which is actually 3.47am GMT).

  • A legacy is written long before you realize you're "writing" one.
  • People would rather learn from what you do rather than what you say.
  • Difficulties and obstacles are an essential part of character building.
  • Leading effectively is nearly impossible if you've never been "tried in the fire."
  • After every "valley" experience, there is a slow climb to the top of the next mountain.
  • Christians shouldn't approach death as if it is the end of life, but as if it's the beginning of real living, because it is.
  • My wife and kids mean the world to me.
  • I am truly grateful for good friends! Friends like Byron and Angie Bledsoe, David Melnik, Gene Cristan and my incredible lead team.
  • Tylenol P.M. makes long international flights bearable.

What life lessons have you learned recently? Please share your life-wisdom with the blogging world so that we may become the richer for the knowledge.


Hope Clark said...

I've learned...
1. As Ben Franklin said... Opportunity is often missed, because it comes in overalls and looks like work.
2. God teaches me through my husband's imperfections.
3. Quitting really isn't an option.
4. Difficulty and hardship is the greated gift for refocusing me toward God's purpose for me.

Hope said...

Being "still" for me lately has been an exercise in waiting patiently and accepting my circumstances through the eyes of hope. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Joey said...

Good words! Welcome back, well in a few hours anyways!

Ms Harkins said...

Life(my dad) has taught me lately, that no matter what your kids do, you will love them anyway.
Welcome back.

Joseph said...

Hope C., those are great words of wisdom to live by.

Hope, it's understanding that being "still" is difficult for the majority of us. Our adversary (the devil) fights this because he is patently aware that it is in the stillness that we find our deepest intimacy. God's opinion on the matter: "Be still and know that I am..."

Joey, thanks. It's good to be back home albeit exhausted :)

Alison, thanks for the welcome back! I recently read on someone's blog that she discovered that she is called to love her kids but that she doesn't necessarily have to like them every day.